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Am I still pregnant?

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Tex111 Tue 15-Jun-04 07:35:35

I didn't think I would be like this since I've been pregnant before but I'm feeling increasingly worried. 11 weeks pregnant today but my symptoms started drying up a few days ago and this morning the little bump that was growing is gone. No cramping or bleeding. Just a lack of symptoms and a creeping sense of concern.

My first pregnancy I was sick 3-4 times a day every day until about 16 weeks (it was a boy). This time I've had some nausea and tiredness, especially around week 9, and threw up once but that's it. I know all pregnancies are different but it just doesn't feel right.

Making a GP appt today and will hopefully be reassured. Anyone else felt like this?

ggglimpopo Tue 15-Jun-04 07:40:49

Message withdrawn

Toothache Tue 15-Jun-04 07:43:41

Tex111 - This is about the right time for morning sickness to start to subside and to be honest, the bump you had was probably just from being bloated! I know I was forthe first few weeks of this pregnancy, much the same bloated feeling I get through my AF normally.

When is your first scan?

The sickness in your first pregnancy does sound extreme so perhaps this time you're just lucky enough to have escaped the worst.

I know it's really easy for me to say this, but try to relax and enjoy feeling better.... I'm sure some more pregnancy grumbles will creep in and before you know it you'll be complaining of feet in your ribs and such (OUCH!!)!

busybee123 Tue 15-Jun-04 07:50:04

tex i was exactly the same with my 2nd pregnancy....a girl. I have had two boys and carried them completely different. With my dd, I felt sick to start and bloated like there was no tomorrow so quickly. I too was worried when it went down, but by 16-17 weeks, back it came....and didn't stop!!!! I really do hope things go ok for you at the doctors. Express your concerns and how different it feels and ask for a scan to put your mind at rest. I did, and sure enough, there was my little 'jelly bean' alive and well. I will be thinking of you. Please let me know how you get on. Hugs x x

gloworm Tue 15-Jun-04 07:50:13

if it makes you feel better I had no sickness, no cramps, no bad symptom the whole way through my first pg. i didnt even have a noticable bump until around 6 months.
my 2 pg's were completly different, 1 boy and 1 girl.
hopefully the GP will be able to put your mind at rest today

Tex111 Tue 15-Jun-04 07:51:09

ggglimpopo, I really hope I get a scan just to reassure me. It's getting to the point that I'm worried about worrying so much! IYSWIM.

Toothache, I'm sure you're right and I keep telling myself the very same things. My scan isn't until the 30th but I don't think I can wait that long for some reassurance.

Tex111 Tue 15-Jun-04 08:02:31

busybee123 and gloworm, it's reassuring to hear that other women have had very different pregnancies. Before getting pregnant I kept hearing that morning sickness got worse with each pregnancy and this was true for my two closest friends.

Unfortunately, one of those friends had a symptomless miscarriage in between her two children and I know that I have her experience on my mind too. Hopefully, it'll all be OK and I can start enjoying this easy pregnancy from today.

busybee123 Tue 15-Jun-04 08:04:10

i have to say, i had a boy, then girl, then boy, and i felt worse with the boys, so not true for me im afraid...more tired as i had others to deal with, but no sicker.

Tex111 Tue 15-Jun-04 08:14:49

Busybee, I would love it if these are all just symptoms of being pregnant with a girl this time. My mother would be thrilled.

busybee123 Tue 15-Jun-04 08:20:00

well i will keep everything crossed for you....i hope all goes well today...will you post and let me know how you get on? what time is your appointment?

Toothache Tue 15-Jun-04 08:22:35

Tex111 - I hope all goes well today and you get the reassurance you need.

Tex111 Tue 15-Jun-04 08:23:18

My GP appt is at 10.50. I'll definitely post and let you know how it goes. Thanks.

busybee123 Tue 15-Jun-04 08:25:31

ok...good luck!!!

ggglimpopo Tue 15-Jun-04 08:41:46

Message withdrawn

Canadianmom Tue 15-Jun-04 11:09:17

You are doing the right thing by going to the GP. I really hope that you are sent for a scan as it will make you feel better either way. I am currently 15 weeks and feeling much the same with worry. Sadly, I am too far along to be sent to EPU for a scan so I will need to wait until the 24th for reassurance...
I do have to confirm that every pregnancy has been different for me. Barely sick at all with ds1. So sick with dd1 that I was prescribed medication at 20 weeks because I had lost 7 kilos by that stage. Somewhat sick with third pregnancy (a boy--miscarried at 18 weeks). Somewhat sick with ds2. Sick as a dog with fifth pregnancy (missed miscarriage at 13 weeks). (The up side of this being that I still felt pregnant even as the sonographer announced that she could not find the heat-beat so you may just be worried because this is so different from your previous experience and your friend's missed-miscarriage has introduced a new possibility to worry about.) This pregnancy has been up and down--some days I feel horrible and exhausted but other days I am convinced that something must be wrong as I feel far too well.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as it is now 11:05 and I hope that your gp was an angel and has managed to help you to feel reassured by booking you a scan.
Keep your chin up and keep us informed.

Tex111 Tue 15-Jun-04 13:35:52

Whew!! My GP took pity on me and I have a scan for tomorrow morning at 9am. I'm so relieved to have an appt. Once I got into the doctor's office I realised just how concerned I feel and started crying immediately. I don't think there's anything she could do except make a scan appt for me. She certainly couldn't just send me away in such a state. I did ask about hearing the heart beat but she said it was too early.

So, 9am we find out what is going on in there. I really hope that I'm just incredibly happy and relieved tomorrow but it will be a relief to have an answer either way.

Thanks so much for all of your info and advice. It's been a huge comfort this morning. I'll let you know how the scan goes tomorrow.

Samcj Tue 15-Jun-04 13:39:39

Good luck with your scan in the morning. Glad you'll be able to find the answer to your questions so quickly. Understand how you feel, when you don't feel too rough you do wonder whether they are still in there!! Really hope everything will be fine for you.

busybee123 Tue 15-Jun-04 13:40:32

well its a step in the right direction tex...glad the doctor was sympathetic. there's nothing worse than one that isnt when you are scared out of your wits. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow. let me know how you get on will you? will have everything crossed for you and will be thinking if you. sending hugs x

Canadianmom Tue 15-Jun-04 14:16:01

So glad that your doctor was helpful. Sorry that you are so worried. Not a very pleasant feeling. I really hope that you will get great news in the morning. You continue to be in my thoughts.
Best of luck.

smellymelly Tue 15-Jun-04 14:41:17

Will be thinking of you Tex111 - There seem to be many women who suffer varying degrees of morning sickness with different pregnancies, so it is not really a reliable symptom. Hopefully you are just one of the lucky ones!

Also the mind is a powerful thing and as soon as you start to worry someting is wrong, it can take over, and everything seems to be worse. Even when I started to feel better at 10 weeks, I had a panic too... which only eased when I found the heartbeats with my own doppler.

Good luck, although I'm sure you will not need it!

bundle Tue 15-Jun-04 14:45:37

good luck tex, I had much lower level of sickness etc with dd2 (i have 2 girls) so try not to fret. x

beansprout Tue 15-Jun-04 16:37:56

Sorry to hear this Tex, it's so hard sometimes. I really hope everything is ok for you at the scan and that you post with happy news (and a leedle picture in the other hand) in the morning. Will be thinking of you. Take care.

bunny2 Tue 15-Jun-04 19:18:01

Tex, I hope you get all the reassurance you need tomorrow. FWIW, in my experience sickness or lack of is not an indicator of anything. In pg 1 I had a bit of sickness and a gorgeous boy, in my second and third pregnancies I was horrifically sick but miscarried both at 12 and 14 wks. With this pg I have had virtually no sickness and have so far got to 17 weeks with all looking good. As far as the bump goes, I think it is alot to do with bloating. I look very big some days and comparitively small on others. Anyway, good luck tomorrow. I am sure you'll be fine.

Tex111 Wed 16-Jun-04 11:57:02

Bad news I'm afraid. The yolk sac was very small and they were unable to find a heartbeat. We had a missed miscarriage just as I feared. I'm scheduled for a D&C on Friday morning and we're off the Spain on Tuesday (with the Dr's blessing) for a holiday.

I think I had prepared myself pretty well for this possibility but it's been quite a shock to DH. We're dealing with it and I know we'll be fine and plan to start trying again as soon as we can.

Toothache Wed 16-Jun-04 11:58:57

Oh Tex111 - This was one time I rrrrreally thought the outcome would be a good one.

So sorry for your loss, take care of yourself.

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