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Is it possible I am pregnant? Even on the injection? Please!

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Sorocha Sun 30-Oct-16 16:28:41

I got the injection during the third day of my period. My periods stopped immediately after the injection.

I had intercourse for the first time a week later but the condom ripped. Partner did not ejaculate inside Mr but I'm aware that he could have released pre cum

We didn't finish as it was too painful

We tried again the night after But again we couldn't finish as it was too painful

It's been around 2 weeks and I've been gettin cramps in my abdomen, I've been peeing a lot. My boobs are sensitive and sore. I've been getting periods of feeling dizzy and of nausea. Plus I've been overly tired too. I also have taken one or two hot flushes. And both my stomach and boobs feel bloated.

Is there still a chance I could be pregnant or is this just side effects from the injection? Or even my imagination.

crje Sun 30-Oct-16 16:34:10

I still got period symptoms on the injections.
Also given its two weeks later it could be ovulation pains.

It's probably not a pregnancy but test in two weeks to be sure.

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