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How many weeks pregnant am I?

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HighHopes16 Sun 30-Oct-16 08:02:03

My first day of my last period was 12/09 so that makes me 7 weeks tomorrow, however my cycles are quite irregular (possible pcos).
I had a private scan (transvaginally) 2 weeks ago as I thought I may have retained products from my miscarriage in July but that was clear. If I was 5 weeks then wouldn't they have seen something? I also took a pregnancy test the day before my scan and that was negative.
I took a clear blue conception indicator test today and that says 3+ which means I'm at least 5 weeks pregnant?

Catherinewheel101 Sun 30-Oct-16 09:44:28

What did they say at the scan? I had an early scan and they said they could see the egg sac (like a ring) so it was likely to be a very early pregnancy.
Youre HCG pregnancy hormone level may of been really low when you took the pregnancy test giving you a negative.. I know depending on this level depends on what they see on the scan e.g. If it's 1500 they said at the hospital they would scan me again... anything below that and they'd struggle to see what was happening

Hope that helps. I think I would be tempted to contact local early pregnancy unit if you are concerned or go to your GP

champagneplanet Sun 30-Oct-16 09:57:41

Five weeks is very early to be able to see much, they suggest from 7 weeks to see a heartbeat. If they knew you were pregnant when doing the TV scan then surely they would have said if anything didn't look right for how far along you are?

Do your local EPU offer an early reassurance scan? Mine do and I had one following a MC, it may be worth a check to put your mind at rest. I waited until 9 weeks to be sure they would see everything I wanted them too.

champagneplanet Sun 30-Oct-16 09:59:09

Sorry just re-read your post. Did you not know you were pregnant when you had the scan?

HighHopes16 Sun 30-Oct-16 10:08:39

I had the scan to rule out the fact I might have retained products from my miscarriage as the NHS scan the month before suggested I may have. I didn't know I was pregnant when I had it and the sonographer didn't mention anything. She just said my ovaries & womb looked lining was slightly thickened but that could be because my period was late.
She said they can usually tell if/when I had ovulated but she couldn't tell.
My EPU will only see you if you have bleeding & pain which thankfully I don't have this time.

rachelamy Sun 30-Oct-16 10:11:47

don't forget the clear blue goes from when you conceived, it doesn't add on the extra 2 weeks from your last period smile

HighHopes16 Sun 30-Oct-16 10:18:09

So I could be only 3 weeks pregnant rachel? Even though my last period was 7 weeks ago? So confusing ! The clear blue instructions say if you get 3+, the dr will date you 5+ weeks pregnant.

rachelamy Sun 30-Oct-16 10:38:43

if you have irregular periods you could of ovulated late. more than 2 weeks after the start of your period so that would explain not seeing much at the scan. best thing to do is wait a week or two and see if you could get another scan

Sunshinegirl82 Sun 30-Oct-16 10:51:04

Perhaps you are 5 weeks pregnant now and we're 3 weeks pregnant when you had the scan? As two weeks are added on you would only have actually been one week past ovulation when you had the scan in that case so nothing would have been visible. It would also explain the negative test as it would have been too early.

I reckon that's the most likely scenario but I would make an appointment with your midwife/gp and fill them in. I think where there is uncertainty about dates they will refer you for an early scan as it's important that the 12 week scan is carried out at the right time so they can carry out the nuchal fold tests etc. If you choose to have those.

Best of luck with everything x

MoonlightMojitos Sun 30-Oct-16 10:53:59

I just wanted to say WELCOME To the pregnancy section!!!!! Hehe. grin

I've answered you on the other thread and think you're 5 weeks and should join me on June due dates lol.

MoonlightMojitos Sun 30-Oct-16 10:55:55

Had you been tracking dtd? Maybe that might give you more of an idea as well? I definately think you're around 5 weeks ish otherwise any more than that they would have seen a sac on the scan 2 weeks ago.

HighHopes16 Sun 30-Oct-16 11:02:49

Haha thanks Moonlight smile I'd love to join you but if I'm less than 5 weeks I might be due in July instead so think it's best if I wait and see.
I've been on Ovia and I tracked dtd on 25 & 27 Sep so if one of those had the winning sperm then if be 4.5- 5 weeks pregnant so that makes sense.
But we also dtd a few times the week after so I could 3.5-4 weeks hmmm no idea when I ovulated!

MoonlightMojitos Sun 30-Oct-16 11:10:30

Oh yeah that's true! It is a tricky one. How are you feeling generally? Are you anxious after last time or feeling calm about it?

HighHopes16 Sun 30-Oct-16 11:31:03

Im feeling really really anxious !! No symptoms as of yet just my stomach feels like it's full of air! lol what about you?
I think I've decided just to wait it out for two weeks and if nothing happens (no bleeding/pain) I'll ring the docs and say I don't know how far along I am. They'll base it on the first day of my last period so I'd be 9 weeks to them but more likely 7 weeks in reality, which should hopefully show a strong heartbeat on a scan?

MoonlightMojitos Sun 30-Oct-16 12:39:32

I know what it's like, I was so anxious first few weeks (and still am now). I've got an early scan booked for tomorrow so providing that's ok I think I'll start to relax a bit. I have let myself get a bit excited every now and then though as I think it's sad that having a mc before does suck all the joy out of it next time. It's nice to enjoy it a bit smile. I'd probably ring the drs before then and see what they say as there might be a bit of a wait for scan, I think they would probably make you an appointment rather than just turn up at emergency epu? I'm not sure though tbh. I also have my booking appointment tomorrow at 8+4 which I booked 4 weeks ago and that's the first they had free so glad I rang when I did! Seems to vary a lot depending on your area though and procedures are all so different.

HighHopes16 Sun 30-Oct-16 14:06:03

Good luck for your scan tomorrow, wonder what you will see at 8 weeks? Let us know how it goes xx
My GP is fab, I've moved house recently but stayed at the same doctors 5 miles away as you can always get a quick appointment. I remember last time I rang they said they wouldn't do the booking appointment until 8 weeks because of the high risk of miscarriage till then so think I'll be fine to wait.

ConvincingLiar Sun 30-Oct-16 16:01:59

I have pcos and irregular periods. Had a bfp about 8 weeks after lmp, went for a scan (because of bleeding) and they said I was 5 weeks. We were really upset that it was a failed pregnancy, but two weeks later I was 7, another 2 weeks later I was 9 and so on. I think if your periods are irregular, the last period is irrelevant. Hopefully your 5 week calculation is inaccurate, as I would have thought the sonographer would have seen a sac.

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