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Could labour be thinking about starting?!

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Coffeeandafag Sun 30-Oct-16 06:35:17

38+1. Yesterday I had two bouts of diahrrea and since about 8pm I've been having very brief, mild pains across my lower abdomen. They literally 'throb' for a second or two, then disappear. Not getting worse or better. I've woken this morning with lower back ache, just like I'm on my period.

Last night baby was SO active, I felt like it was going to burst out if my skin!

My previous labours have started with waters breaking so no experience of just watching and monitoring cramps.

Btw, I KNOW these cramps can't mean much, just wishful thinking someone can say 'oh that's definitely labour' and make it so grin

Coffeeandafag Sun 30-Oct-16 08:49:29

And now more diahrrea but no other symptoms. I expect it is just... diahrrea! Ah well, feel like onlyyesterday I was constantly googling 'could xxxx be sign of pg?' Now it's 'could xxx be sign of early labour?' blushgrin

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