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Strange pain in back

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Allaboutthecake13 Sat 29-Oct-16 09:37:24

Hi, I'm 16+4 and have woken up with a strange feeling in my mid to lower back on the left hand side (below ribs but above hips). Its not really painful per SE, but in exactly the same spot every few minutes I keep getting a strange feeling - the same sort of feeling you get if you press a bruise iyswm, but it feels internal. It's not a dull ache and not massively painful - just noticeable and a bit odd.

I've been really uncomfortable sleeping recently (I am a back sleeper usually so sleeping on my left side has felt like hard work at times!) so I'm more than aware that I might have just slept a bit funny or it could be round ligament pain. But the other part of me is worrying if it's a kidney infection given the location (I don't have a fever, no pain urinating etc).

I don't want to go to the walk in centre and waste a HCPs time if it's nothing. Anyone had similar?

SarahOoo Sat 29-Oct-16 09:50:05

I have pain on my right side from my bum to the top of my leg. My sister suggested it could be the relaxin hormone playing up with your muscles etc in preparation (I am 16 weeks too) plus the sleep situation. Make an appointment with your GP, it's unlikely to be your kidney, it head a kidney infection and it's unbearable pain.

However if it's playing on your mind don't worry about wasting their time, you're pregnant now so it isn't just you so go to the walk in.

Allaboutthecake13 Sat 29-Oct-16 09:56:55

Thanks - think I'll keep an eye and go to the GP later if needs be. The relaxin sounds like it may be the cause. I did have fish and chips last night so maybe I overdid it a bit with the salt and grease - I've chugged down a couple of pints of water this morning to try and counter that if it's the case...
It's strange isn't it -all these little niggles that would barely cause a moments worry suddenly take on a whole life off their own once your pregnant!

SarahOoo Sat 29-Oct-16 10:13:24

Yes totally agree with you! I think I have finally managed to realise what is 'I really need a big poop' and what is some thing else 😂. I've had the groin pain too so when that first came along I was thinking the worst but sensible Sarah took a moment and realised it was very low down and a quic search on here made me relax! Mumsnet chats have really been so helpful!

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