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Too high risk for an epidural. Remi anyone?

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PassTheCake82 Fri 28-Oct-16 15:32:06

Hello everyone, I found out today that I am too high risk for an epidural due to an operation I had on my back (tumour removed) many years ago. I have been offered an alternative of remifentanil however and wondered if anyone has any experience of this?

I hadn't made any decisions regarding pain relief and tbh I still haven't, it's just nice to know what my options are and if anyone has had any experience of using remi during labour?

LeftRightUpDown Fri 28-Oct-16 15:37:25

How are they going to give it to you? One off injection or as an infusion?

It won't be the same as an epidural so I can't see why they are giving you that and not pethidine

OneSoupAndAnotherSoup Fri 28-Oct-16 15:38:47

Remifentanil is rather good. I had it and managed to have a kip during labour. grin

katiegg Fri 28-Oct-16 15:43:47

Remifentanil is quite widely offered in where I work. It's usually set up my an anaesthetist and then self-administered - you hit a little button which administers a dose as a contraction is coming. It can take a while to get the timing right, and it is short acting, so in my experience less women report that feeling of being 'high' that many report from using pethidine.

I've never used either pethidine or remi in labour myself, I had an epidural, but lots of positive reports from women using remi. It has the added advantage of being removable if you don't get on with it, whereas pethidine can't be 'undone'.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Fri 28-Oct-16 15:44:13

I've had it in 3 labours as I didn't want an epidural.

My first labour was very long as the baby was malpositioned. My waters broke at the beginning of my labour which is not the norm but it meant that the baby wasn't able to manoeuvre into a good position fir delivery. I stayed at home until I was 7cms dilated and then went into hospital but after 24 hours I was knackered. I didn't want an epidural so was offered remi to give me a bit of respite and rest. When the trial of forceps was agreed, I had a spinal.

It's great stuff. I was most put out with labour 2 when it looked like things were too speedy to have any 😄

What I like about it is that it has a very short half life so it just helped me get through transition and the worst of the pain - I've never had it until I've been around 7cms. Then it's taken away and your back in the room ready for pushing. I'm a control freak so I like the self-administration aspect.

There's no way I would agree to an epidural - I hate the thought of not being able to move my legs and being unable to manoeuvre into position

With my second and third unassisted labours, I gave birth leaning over the back of the bed and was able to move about. I had 3 big babies and needed no stiches with the second and 2 with the third. I really believe it's because I was able to move about but was also felt in control with the self-administration of the pain relief.

I can't recommend it enough - it's the only drug that my friend who's consultant anaesthetist says he feels tempted to try (joke - obviously!)

PassTheCake82 Fri 28-Oct-16 15:55:30

Wow, thanks for the replies. I have been a bit worried as to whether it is as effective as an epidural for pain relief during labour but it sounds like it does the job.

I did have remi after my back operation but that was many years ago now and so I wanted to know what it would be like during labour. It's my first pregnancy so I have absolutely no idea what to expect...this might sound daft but I am more concerned about back pain during labour than any other pains because my back is such a mess!

LeftRightUpDown Fri 28-Oct-16 17:49:48

I seeeeeee! It's used as a PCA (patient controlled analgesia) as opposed to a continuous infusion like an epidural.

Like the thought of that over a shot of pethidine.

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