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Anyone else seen the perinatal mental health team?

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UnoriginalNN Fri 28-Oct-16 14:16:43

Did it have any bearing on what happened after the birth/or will it?

Background - I had PND in the form of awful health anxiety after DD and so this time have been referred to the perinatal mental health team as I seem to be worse when I'm pregnant - I worry excessively to point it lightly. I have seen my CPN once and I'm seeing her again next week - she's lovely - and I've always been really honest with the fact that my anxiety isn't based around my DD (in fact I have perfect clarity there, go figure) or being a bad parent etc etc... I just worry about getting this baby here safely and my health (I have GD yay).

I am a bit worried that I will be kept in the postnatal ward longer or something after the birth, and that would be hell. When do the perinatal team sign you off? I will ask her all these questions next week, but in true 'me' style, I am worrying and thinking about it now.

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