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Don't really feel pregnant, feeling nervous

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mommyteeshh19 Fri 28-Oct-16 02:24:25

Hi I'm 15 weeks now and I feel really nervous, can't feel my baby move (I know it's early) just keep thinking about chance of miscarriage and stuff. Had a really strong heartbeat at 12 weeks but haven't heard heartbeat since( haven't got Doppler and midwife hasn't been in contact) I plan to ring midwife next week but just want to advice to put my mind to restsad

octoberfarm Fri 28-Oct-16 02:38:59

I didn't feel remotely pregnant until somewhere around the 20-22 week mark I think, when I'd had the anatomy scan and the bump and kicks started to appear. It used to freak me out and I definitely worried something was wrong, but I now have a perfect five month old and it was just worries, nothing more smile

Pocketsizedpixie Fri 28-Oct-16 02:46:28

I found the bit where the sickness went away, bit I couldn't feel any movement yet very unnerving OP, but it's perfectly normal and I'm 34 weeks with a very wriggly DD2!

Motherfuckers Fri 28-Oct-16 03:06:15

Don't get a home Doppler, it will only increase your anxiety.

ConvincingLiar Fri 28-Oct-16 06:55:33

Objectively there is nothing to worry about. Different people feel different in pregnancy. Don't worry about not "feeling pregnant", enjoy the lack of horrible symptoms.

BreatheDeep Fri 28-Oct-16 07:05:23

Do you have a 16 week appointment with midwife? It's fairly normal to. They might check for the heartbeat at that but they don't always.
The worry is awful. Just try and remember it's unlikely anything is wrong even though you don't feel pregnant.

Nikki2ol6 Fri 28-Oct-16 08:00:06

Yea that's normal it's an awful stage from the 12 week scan until you feel movement. We had our gender scan at 15 weeks and he was moving all over and she said can you not feel this?? I said no lol!! It wasn't until 18-19weeks I felt it with my hand but couldn't really feel much on the inside!
Don't you have a midwife app at 16weeks?

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