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Growth scan

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BelliniButterfly Thu 27-Oct-16 18:31:58

Hi everyone, I've been measuring small and had a growth scan at 35+4 which showed baby on 34th percentile. No other scans were booked but I'm still measuring 4cm behind so got another scan tomorrow at 38+5. What is likely to happen if the baby is small or if fluid is low which is what midwife suggested could be the case? Are they likely to induce me or just leave it as I am so close to due date? Thanks!

Mummytogg Thu 27-Oct-16 19:17:50

I had many scans due to a lung/heart defect and was measuring about 3 weeks behind from 28 weeks on. They estimated he would be big almost 10lb they kept saying! He was born 6lb12! I think a lot of people now say that bump measurements are very inaccurate and it can just be down to how the baby is laying. Our son was 25th percentile so 34th is still a good weight so I doubt they will do anything unless there is an issue with blood pressure or the fluid

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