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How do you all know

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birdling Thu 27-Oct-16 13:38:10

Your Papp and hcg levels? I wasn't told them, just the risk level. Are they only given in certain circumstances?

crayfish Thu 27-Oct-16 13:41:24

I wasn't even told a risk number, the letter just said 'low risk'. I asked my own midwife and she was able to access the full results on the computer so could tell me the score and the other info, so I would recommend giving your a call if you are concerned.

raviolidreaming Thu 27-Oct-16 14:27:37

I wasn't even told a risk number, the letter just said 'low risk'

Same here. I'm glad OP asked this as I've been wondering the same! It doesn't particularly bother me not knowing - something less to obsess over - but I've been curious.

birdling Thu 27-Oct-16 16:27:00

Likewise not that bothered, just interested to know. Thanks smile

raviolidreaming Thu 27-Oct-16 18:20:52

Some people must be told as standard though, because we seem to be the only ones who don't know... surely we're not the only ones who haven't thought to ask?!

crayfish Thu 27-Oct-16 19:25:21

People seem to be told a risk number as standard but not at my hospital. In a way it's better because you don't fret about the number but I wanted to know.

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