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34 weeks - bleed yesterday, woozy today

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livelyredjellybean Thu 27-Oct-16 11:49:30

Hey everyone!
34 weeks here and have had a lovely, easy, straight forward (first) pregnancy so far.
Yesterday had a bit of a bleed after sex. The hospital advised me to go in, which I did - by the time I got there it stopped. Dr checked me down below, took bloods, blood pressure, fetal heart monitor for an hour. Everything was fine, the only test they didnt do was another scan.
They wanted to keep me in but as I felt absolutely fine I discharged myself and went home. I also declined the steroid injection. I felt fine all night, getting up regularly to check no further bleeds etc. Did not have any pain whatsoever throughout.
Went back this morning for the scan. Whilst in the room, felt very hot and a bit woozy. Im still feeling a little 'off', tired and my feet are tingly; not sure if I am just catching up with the stress of the whole thing or if there is something to be concerned about? Anyone else been through anything similar!?

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