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Pregnancy advice!!

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mommy2017 Thu 27-Oct-16 11:34:11

Hello everyone!
I just found out I am pregnant about 2 weeks ago me and my boyfriend been trying for about a year now and we was so happy to hear that we are having a baby. Everything was going good until weeks later i started spotting then it went to brown discharge and now its just a light period but pinkish !! Did i have a miscarriage or am I !!! I am only at 5 weeks!! I got a apt This Friday. I am just worrying myself!! Please did anyone else experience this?? confused sad

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 28-Oct-16 12:23:44

I hope your appointment goes well today and you get good reassuring news. People often experience spotting/light bleeding in early pregnancy, could be implantation, could just be a small bleed.

They won't be able to see much on a scan so it might be a waiting game, which no one ever said was easy, but I hope it turns out to be nothing and your pregnancy continues and is healthy x

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