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Which hospital would you choose?

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Zumbumba Thu 27-Oct-16 10:53:39

Hi all,

I'm currently pregnant with my first and unsure of which hospital to go for.

One is v well rated, excellent facilities but now that we've moved is a 50 min drive away in best case scenario, potentially 1hr and a half in traffic.

The other is a local hospital in special measures, although I'm told the maternity wards are decent. It's about a 15 minute drive away.

Is it ridiculous to stay with the better hospital further away? I've had so much change recently, andthat one is familiar and has a great reputation. But we will have to tell them we've moved as soon as I give birth as will need a local midwife to visit.


TheFandango Thu 27-Oct-16 11:33:32

Hi, having been visited my day assessment unit 3 times last week, and again this morning, I can say it is very useful having a hospital 15 minutes away!! I am lucky enough to be in London, and could have requested any of the 5 hospitals in this region (two are foundation trusts), however, from speaking to lots of women who have had babies (frequently come into contact with them at work), it always comes down to individual experience as to how their midwifery care and birth experience is! Good luck choosing, not sure if my thoughts are at all helpful!

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