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Due date rant!

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Dlah Wed 26-Oct-16 18:05:43

Today is my due date - wooooo!

So far I've received just shy of 10 messages pointing out this fact I'm clearly not aware of!

On my normal trip to training earlier (doing a level 3 course at present to further some skills I already have) of the generally lovely group, one lady thought I really couldn't wait to hear her story of her giant baby, and being forced by medical staff to start pushing when she knew she wasn't ready and ending up being rushed to theatre and baby in NICU and how horrendous it was.

Later, albeit a close family member, I popped in to say Hi and was greeted with 'Jees, you're the size of a house' why thank you!!
Followed by the 'Oh god she's reached the I can't be arsed, get it out stage' well maybe I have, but I've done what I set out to do and have carried this rather large bump to 40 weeks so I'm actually pretty proud of myself and not at all mardy - actually quite relieved my little girl has got us here without too much stress.

The only thing making me mardy is people telling me how I feel! Yes, this is my first child, yes I'm sure you've had multiple children/births but this is ME! Please stop assuming you know what I want to hear - I don't! Let me just enjoy/relax any of the next 14 days I might get to myself before my daughter enters the world!

End of!

Rant over . . Sorry lol

UnicornPee Wed 26-Oct-16 19:06:14

None of that ever bothered me. For these reasons:

Some people cannot get pregnant and it is a blessing

It's nice to have people like you enough to wonder how you're doing and how the baby is

Once the baby is here the focus will be on your baby and not you- enjoy the popularity!

You've probably done the exact same, i.e. A friend is due a baby you would normally text to ask how they are and what stage they're at.

Fair enough telling someone they look as big as a bus/house is a bit OTT but it's better than someone saying "wow your face is so ugly you've been well and truly battered with the ugly stick"... now that would be something to twine about.

GipsyDanger Wed 26-Oct-16 19:11:29

Pfft. Amateur. Comment once you get to 41 weeks. grinwink

Just wait till you get the "any signs" "are you in labour yet" messages. But yeah, totally know what you mean

Laura05 Thu 27-Oct-16 09:37:46

I was late with DD and DS which involved countless messages and phones calls etc from 38weeks!
My mil was the bloody worst! One day I had almost 20 missed calls from her! (I was out for the day and my phone was in my bag!) With DS I got to the point where I told her that apart from hubby she would be the first to know! Especially as she was watching DD!
My only advice is to politely tell people that they will be told when the time has come and you please be patient. After that tell them where to go in a not very polite/lady way at all grin
Good luck hun and I hope you're not waiting too much longer!! flowers

Nikki2ol6 Thu 27-Oct-16 09:40:18

Oh trust me it will get worse now!! Your passed your due date you will be getting daily texts and calls then they turn to hourly lol. Enjoy 😁

MyGiddyUncle Thu 27-Oct-16 09:54:16

The best thing about being overdue for me was freaking out random men. I found that a lot of men feel very uncomfortable being around an overdue woman grin

I went 14 days over with ds2. I caught a taxi where the poor bloke could barely look at me and semi broke the speed limit several times just to get me out.

The same with a Tesco checkout man, a plumber that came to the house and my uncle who gave me a lift. I think a lot of men dread the thought you might go into labour when they're in a position where they have to do's amusing grin

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