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minime88 Wed 26-Oct-16 13:05:43

I am not pregnant- been trying for DC2 for a year now and no luck. But that's another story!

I wanted abit of advice from people with two- did having a newborn impact DC1 behaviour really negatively? I know it will impact DD1 on some level and just wanted to know if in people's experience if it was REALLY bad?

My DD is 19 months and really naughty, she hits people when she's angry and it's really getting me down. We are a completely normal family and I don't know why she's picked it up. I'm now starting to think I shouldn't have a second child because I wouldn't want her behaviour to get any worse!


birdling Wed 26-Oct-16 17:13:40

At 19 months, that's fairly normal and instinctive.
I think a lot of children have a slight blip in behaviour once they realise the new baby has come to stay, but they soon get over it. I wouldn't let it put you off having another DC.

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