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Weight loss late pregnancy?

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BelliniButterfly Wed 26-Oct-16 10:04:51

I'm 38+3 and over the last 2 weeks I've lost around 6lbs! I haven't changed what I've been eating or been trying to lose weight. Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea if it is significant?

I had a growth scan at 34+5 weeks which showed the baby to be small but within normal limits. However I'm still measuring 3-4 weeks behind so have another scan on Friday. Concerned that the weight loss could be affecting growth.

BabyBumpHopeful Thu 27-Oct-16 02:56:46

I actually read about late pregnancy weight loss in my pregnancy book just yesterday and it appears to be pretty normal.

FWIW I've lost 22lbs so far this pregnancy and Little Boy is doing MORE than fine. He was 3lb 14oz (67th percentile) at my 30+4 week ultrasound.

Of course mention it to your doc though smile

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