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Funny feelings, down below 36 weeks

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SammyAnny Wed 26-Oct-16 00:42:21

Hi everyone. Due date is 20th November. Been on my feet most of pregnancy, with being a salon owner. But now I can't seem to stand longer than an hour at a time with pain in my back.. and I'm having niggly electric shock/butterfly feelings just above my vagina.. what is this?! Is it a sign baby might come early maybe? It's not painful just a funny senstation :-/ help! Hehe xx

SpeakNoWords Wed 26-Oct-16 00:52:30

Your baby might be kicking/hitting your cervix which can give that stabby/electric shock feeling. It's just the position they're in, it shouldn't mean that the baby is coming early.

SammyAnny Wed 26-Oct-16 01:30:00

Ah brill thanks xx

enolagayits0815 Wed 26-Oct-16 01:40:59

I had that, it was still another ten DDs before Ds arrived,

enolagayits0815 Wed 26-Oct-16 01:41:35

Oh yes, I had ten daughters before Ds was born, of course! Ten days ffs

AudreyBradshaw Wed 26-Oct-16 06:48:37

I'm 36 weeks exactly, feel like baby is headbutting me in the gooch from within. My assumption is that it's bouncing in and out of being engaged (I was "on the brim" at my 34 week appt. Fanny daggers are no fun! Honestly feels like I'm being winded via the vagina!

SammyAnny Fri 28-Oct-16 13:24:12

Oh lord ! Thanks for the reassurance everyone smile

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