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Bleed at 13+3

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sweetchilli77 Tue 25-Oct-16 21:42:16

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar?......

So last night i was woken by a wet bed, thinking id pee'd only to quickly realised i was bleeding. I had spotting at 11 week and a scan confirmed everything was ok, then week after(Last Wednesday) i had my 12 week scan and everything was great.

This bleeding was something else. A massive clot followed by lots of red blood.
I called the EPU who told me to go in there and then. I had bloods, and was examined. Doc said cervix was closed but this was prob a miscarriage. They arranged for me to have a scan today. TBH i thought with the baby would of died, but NO, there it was dancing around. Midwife said placenta looked good and so did baby. She couldn't really give a reason why. Just some woman bleed!!

How common is it though, i mean i know spotting is common , but when is enough blood actually enough?

Just looking for other experiences really and i suppose a bit of reassurance

sweetchilli77 Wed 26-Oct-16 13:08:47


TheTantrumCometh Wed 26-Oct-16 13:19:08

A bit personal, but did you dtd the night before?

I've had bleeding late in both my previous pregnancies and both were caused by sex. Apparently you can 'catch the cervix' or something and it can irritate it. To be honest the first time nothing felt off at all and it wasn't until we finished that I noticed there was blood. It was quite heavy that time, but lighter in my second pregnancy

sweetchilli77 Wed 26-Oct-16 13:23:15

i actually did DTD on the Saturday as this was the Monday....I wonder if this is it? ........Thats it, a sex ban from now on hahah.

Seriously though if thats what has caused it then at least i know.
Seemed a bit dramatic though to be caused my sex, i mean i really thought this was it.

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