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missed miscarriage?

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mset15 Tue 25-Oct-16 01:35:27


So I really wanted some advice on a few things. I had a missed miscarriage 9 months ago, I had miscarried at 8 weeks, waited until 12 but i still hadnt miscarried naturally so i had a surgical removal.

I found out i was pregnant on September 11th - a day before i was due on my period. My last period had been on August 15th. I am always on for 6 days and tend to have a perfect 28 day cycle. I am 100% sure i conceived on sept 1st as this is only date i had sex until first week of oct - weeks after i had received positive pregnancy test.

I went for a scan on the 16th as i was having intermittent cramping pain.

This scan showed the embryo to be 3.00mm but there was no heartbeat however by this date i should have been 8 weeks and 6 days and my dates at 100% right.

I was advised to come back as it was an expected miscarriage.

I came back to the doctors on the 24th Oct.
The scan was reading the embryo had grown to 5.9mm but was without a heartbeat. This scan was showing i was 6 weeks pregnant + 1 day - but by my dates, which i am 100% sure are correct, i should be 10 weeks and 0 days.

Now i understand i could have ovulated late, but this would not have made the baby show to be a whole month behind? Wouldn't it should it to be a week, 2 weeks max smaller had i ovulated later (which i doubt anyway as my ovulation is usually always mid cycle)

They have told me to come back in a weeks time. Im feeling really distressed and upset. I think it is obvious it is a miscarriage again as if there is no heartbeat at 6 weeks, that is worrying anyway but the fact it is only showing to be 6 weeks when it should at least be 10 weeks.

Has anyone experience this or anything similar?

please help

PassTheCake82 Wed 26-Oct-16 00:45:30

Hi I'm really sorry to hear you're having to go through all of this, it must be so stressful. I had a mc prior to this pregnancy (29+6) which made it really difficult to work out my dates...even after sn early scan at 8 weeks, my measurements at 12 weeks gave a completely different due date. I'm not a professional and I know our situations differ but I'm sending you the best of luck Xxxx

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