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Breastfeeding Take2

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ChicMomma Mon 24-Oct-16 19:44:58


I am currently pregnant with SC and am planning to breastfeed I did try with my DS and lasted 2 days. Was very disappointed in myself but I just felt so uncomfortable doing it with people coming to see me in hospital and at home, I really want to breastfeed my SC as i highly believe in its benefits. Just wondering does anybody have any info and tips and products they used and bought and maybe found good also a good breast pump too?
Thanks smile

alicebiscuits Mon 24-Oct-16 19:57:39

It's less about products and more about just getting over any embarrassment. Buy a large shawl or pashmina if you're more comfortable covering up. Lansinoh cream is pretty much essential too and hot flannels! Save the pump for later once things work...

Penguina Mon 24-Oct-16 20:08:54

I really really struggled for 7 weeks. I was in so much pain. Far worse than labour or c section healing. But I persevered and ds is now 20 weeks and we are loving it. So my advice is, it will get better. And don't question your supply if you have a fussy baby who just wants boob all the time. It's normal and you don't need to top up with formula !

Good luck. It really is a wonderful thing to be able to do

ChicMomma Mon 24-Oct-16 20:29:32

alicebiscuits Great thank you any suggestions on where to purchase as didn't buy anything like this with my DS?
Penguins yes i did feed my DS for the first 2 days and felt so close to him it was very sore and painful also had lots of visitors which I felt uncomfortable with feeding around which didn't help, i really need to try and get over the uncomfortable bit because it really is a great thing to do.

WilliamHerschel Mon 24-Oct-16 20:47:26

I was so uncomfortable feeding my dd in front of people to start with. Particularly dp's family who did not hide their disgust!

To start with, I left the room when we hsd visitors. As I got more comfortable and more confident with my technique I stopped leaving the room. To start with I only fed her outside the house under one of those scarves (from mother care) but again as I got more confident I began feeding her without one. I'm still feeding her now she's 2, although I still avoid doing it in front of dp's family as they were so mean about it! On the whole people either don't notice or are very nice about it. It does take some getting used to but you'll get there. Good luck.

WilliamHerschel Mon 24-Oct-16 20:48:52

Oh and it did hurt me for the first two weeks but I think that was mostly due to my bad positioning and not knowing how to get a good latch. Was corrected by a midwife which solved the issue.

AliceThrewTheFookingGlass Mon 24-Oct-16 20:54:02

I agree with AliceBiscuits. Even the best of products will be useless if you don't remove the discomfort/embarrassment about feeding.

I felt quite uncomfortable feeding In front of people too at first. That's quite normal. Honestly though once you get used to feeding it really won't bother you at all. I've gone from feeling anxious at even the thought of BF in front of people to whipping them out to feed wherever I see fit without a second thought.

Could you arrange for your visitors to come between feeds? Or if the baby needs feeding while they're there could you go into a different room to feed? Just while you get used to things and gain a little confidence? Obviously I'm not advising you to hide away forever!

I didn't really buy much breastfeeding paraphernalia except for nipple cream. I didn't have to use it in the end but that's one of those things you would rather have but not need, than need but not have. I did buy a pump once feeding was well established but I couldn't get on with it. DC were feeding great anyway so I didn't want to ruin a good thing. So I would buy those sort of things if and when you need them personally.

With both my children I breastfed them within half an hour of them being born because I had read that babies have a real eagerness to suckle for the first hour of life. Probably a coincidence but they both latched on perfectly first time and every time since.

The two top method is great for feeding discretely. You pull the bottom top down (strappy vest tops work best) and the top T-shirt up so there is as little exposure as possible. It honestly just looks like you're cuddling the baby. I've fed like this in a room full of people whist engaging in conversation and I was genuinely asked about two minutes after I had finished wether or not DC would be wanting a feed soon. Nobody had realised I had already done it.

Thirtyrock39 Mon 24-Oct-16 20:55:36

You need a good nursing bra and your size will change frequently so make sure you check your size fairly reguarly.
If you sit in front of a mirror feeding you will see how discreet it actually is and that you really can't see much. And see if there's a breastfeeding group local to you- go now before the baby arrives to get some advice and then it's a safe space to get used to feeding in front of other people.
Be protective of your nest- don't have to many visitors in the first week when you need to be concentrating on your feeding and bonding not feeling self conscious or distracted by visitors
Remember it is a skill that can take time- it needs practise and perseverance. If you want more time in hospital to establish feeding say so and they should support you and not rush you out. Some areas have midwife led units you can transfer to post Natalie for help with feeding.
Don't use pumps for a good few weeks till your supply us established but learning how to hand express can be really useful to stimulate supply or ease engorgement.

Thirtyrock39 Mon 24-Oct-16 20:56:55

Post natally not natalie*

ChicMomma Wed 26-Oct-16 12:05:29

WilliamHerschel it is things like that that people do that would just make you feel awkward can't believe they acted like that.
Thank you all for the lovely comments and info will just have to buy some feeding tops and practice in front of mirror as you've said and try and get the hang of it. I do have a good nursing bra that I purchased from mothercare when pregnant with DS so hopefully it fits if not will shop for new one closer to due date. Really don't know why I should feel awkward or uncomfortable I am giving my child the best possible start in life. Thank you all again flowers

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