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37 weeks pregnant - normal or infection?

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Cococrumble Mon 24-Oct-16 13:10:53

Sorry for my self pitying ramble but I'd love your advice. I'm 37 weeks pregnant today and for the past week I've been feeling AWFUL. I'm not sure if it's general end of pregnancy symptoms or if I have some sort of UTI.

I've been having period pain and backache constantly for a week, along with really bad pain/pressure in my pubic bone. It was so bad last night that I cried walking from one room to another. I can't get comfy unless I'm sat on a dining chair or birthing ball because it feels like my insides are suffocating me. I'm also completely exhausted like I've ever experienced before, I'm full of cold and I have this horrible unquenchable thirst.

I've been trying to get a GPs appointment to check for an UTI since last Thursday but still haven't managed to get one (they only offer on the day appointments) and I'm not due to see my midwife until Friday.

Is this typical of late pregnancy? Am I just being a huge drama queen? Pregnancy is just so glamorous!


Redken24 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:24:07

did u tell the GP that your pregnant? Ask if you can hand a pee sample in to be dipped?

Cococrumble Mon 24-Oct-16 13:28:12

I did tell the surgery, but our receptionists decide on the appointments and each time I've called I've been advised to wait and see my midwife rather than take up an appointment. I feel like I'm wasting their time.

Good idea about asking to take a sample in, I'll see if they would be happy for me to do that. smile

Dixiechick17 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:31:40

Can you call your midwife? If not, call your surgery back and remind them that UTI's can bring on labour and you want to get a sample in today.

Redken24 Mon 24-Oct-16 14:16:16

If you have no joy again when you phone - and they refuse ask to speak to the manager. Not getting into a debate about receptionists but your pregnant and UTI's can become bad if untreated - at our GP I sometimes ask to the see the nurse instead of DR if I know its just a case of a pee check.
Good Luck! but they should really have prioritized you

Andbabymakesthree Mon 24-Oct-16 14:23:44

Ring and speak to practice manager. Explain you need to see a doctor TO DAY. If you've been waiting since Thursday it could have spread to kidneys. It can also bring on labour.

MoveItMoveItMoveIt Mon 24-Oct-16 14:30:19

Good grief! Tell the receptionist it's agony, you cant cope, you are heavily pregnant, you've waited five days and it's worse and you need to see a doctor today!! How the hell does a receptionist know over the phone if this is a serious complication or not? I wouldn't take the risk.

Cococrumble Mon 24-Oct-16 15:13:43

Thanks all.

I called back and I've been told that there's no availability to see me or to take a sample today but they have "kindly" bent the rules and given me an appointment for tomorrow afternoon shock

I explained how much pain I was in, and was advised to go to A&E. I really don't want to do this as I'm hoping this is just standard pregnancy stuff and I don't want to take up emergency resources when I now have an appointment tomorrow. The practice manager wasn't available to speak to today but funnily enough will be there tomorrow after my appointment.

So not ideal, but I can put my big girl pants on for the sake of 24 hours. However I didn't know UTI's can cause early labour so now I'm second guessing myself about what to do.

I've also left a voicemail for my community midwife but they're completely overstretched so I'm not getting my hopes up for a call back today.

oldlaundbooth Mon 24-Oct-16 15:18:53

If it was me I'd go to the labour ward. You're 37 weeks!

ImpYCelyn Mon 24-Oct-16 15:26:07

Does your hospital have a day assessment unit? Or maternity triage (part of the labour ward)? I had almost identical symptoms a couple of weeks ago and they had me in there ASAP for a thorough check. I would phone labour ward and go in.

If nothing else, back ache and period pains can be early labour.

Jodie1982 Mon 24-Oct-16 15:40:20

Maternity triage will see you straight away. Go there asap. Untreated uti's can often bring on labour, it happened to me at 28wks. Good luck

Cococrumble Mon 24-Oct-16 15:44:09

I feel awful now because my midwife has actually called me back! I have an appointment with her at 5pm at my GP's surgery.. I will definately be leaving feedback for the practice manager!

Really hoping this is an infection/ me being a hypochondriac rather than early labour!

Thank you all for opening my eyes, is still be having a pity party for one and not getting things looked at otherwise!

Redken24 Mon 24-Oct-16 15:45:24

OMG! your literally asking for a pee test - you peeing will take longer.

Phone your maternity ward - and tell them whats happening.
No joy there - go to A&E.

What a disgrace! Hope your ok OP

Cococrumble Mon 24-Oct-16 18:00:17

So I have traces of ketones, glucose and leukocytes in my urine and now have a course of penicillin while my sample is analysed by the lab.

Thank you everyone smile

ImpYCelyn Mon 24-Oct-16 18:59:15

Glad to hear you got it checked. Fingers crossed for a swift recovery smile

Redken24 Mon 24-Oct-16 21:09:05

Phew! Glad that you got seen..
Hope you will be making a complaint of some kind. Cant imagine how stressed you must have been.

eurochick Mon 24-Oct-16 21:15:57

Please report this to the practice manager. Untreated utis can be very dangerous in pregnancy.

Cococrumble Mon 24-Oct-16 22:33:16

I've typed up a letter to take in tomorrow as I'm quite concerned about what else could be getting ignored. It's not the receptionists fault, they aren't medically trained, but the whole practice of them allocating appointments could be preventing anyone from receiving the care they need when they need it. I didn't know what my symptoms meant so I don't know how they are expected towhile fielding calls from a whole town.

Andbabymakesthree Tue 25-Oct-16 17:48:55

In my practice if they have no urgent on the days then you speak to a doctor if you feel it is urgent. With children, pregnant women or others with health condition you are prioritised.

It's poor practice management to just say call back and dangerous. Pushes people to Out of hours or A&E

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