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Is the baby coming?

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Gabby786 Sun 23-Oct-16 08:54:23

I'm 39+2. Yesterday I think I lost my mucus plug however there wasn't any blood in it, this morning I've woken up with pretty bad back pain. Is the baby coming?

alloutofnameideas Sun 23-Oct-16 08:56:25

Could be nothing. Give it some time. Have a bath to ease it a bit. I tend to get the backache for a few days prior to actual labour

NoIsAnAnswer Sun 23-Oct-16 08:56:48

Once the plug's gone you're on your way ime! grin

Have a nice bath. Relax. Eat something filling and drink some juice. And nap if you can.

Good luck!!!

Gabby786 Sun 23-Oct-16 08:59:42

Okay warm bath will be on the go soon. I really hope this is a sign she's coming soon. Lol

Nikki2ol6 Sun 23-Oct-16 09:20:03

Did you have sex recently? I used to loose chunks of mucus around 12 hours after sex in those last few weeks. Other wise it could be labour see how it all goes and good luck

Gabby786 Sun 23-Oct-16 13:18:53

I last had sex about five nights ago.

alloutofnameideas Sun 23-Oct-16 15:22:48

How is it feeling now?

Heirhelp Sun 23-Oct-16 15:26:12

You can start losing the plug weeks before labour. When I was in labour I definitely knew it was labour. How are you doing OP?

NoIsAnAnswer Mon 24-Oct-16 09:07:48

How are you getting on op?

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