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Pressure/pain 'down below' in second pregnancy

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crayfish Sat 22-Oct-16 14:35:16

I'm hoping for some reassurance. This is my second pregnancy and I didn't experience this with my first. I have said 'down below' in my title because I'm finding it hard to really pinpoint where the pain is. It's either my cervix or vagina I suppose and it's not cramps but more of a heavy pressure and ache. I'm getting this every day (I'm 16 weeks) and it's a bit concerning as I never had it last time, I do get also a dull ache in my episiotomy scar quite often which I had before I was pregnant again (DS is 15 months so it wasn't done that long ago). But all I can describe this as is pressure. It's quite uncomfortable and I have to sit down when it's at it's worst.

Any ideas? Or has anyone else had this? I'm worried about a problem with my cervix mainly.

divadee Sat 22-Oct-16 16:23:50

Yep me!

I have got issues with my cervix and have had scans every few weeks to check length but now 26 weeks and still get it. I think it's everything stretching again as I didn't have it with my first.

I was seen in triage at 23+6 weeks as it was so bad. After having 2 doctors come and check me over after the midwife didn't know what it was they diagnosed I needed a poo blush. I still get it now but baby is very low still snd head down and she bounces off my cervix.

Double check with the midwife but speaking to others it would seem it is quite normal.

Flumplet Sat 22-Oct-16 16:28:59

Have a look up on 'round ligament pain' and see if it matches up. I had it towards end of my pregnancy with ds and it was horrible. Felt like I'd been kicked hard up the chuff.

crayfish Sat 22-Oct-16 17:37:28

Thanks for the replies, it's definitely not round ligament pain as I remember that from last time and this is different.

It's interesting you said about needing a poo. I have been a bit, erm, constipated and have found the pain worse when I'm 'bunged up' (sorry! blush).

crayfish Sat 22-Oct-16 17:40:34

divadee do you kind me asking what your issue with your cervix is? Was it diagnosed because of the pain or did you have it before?

Kat1616 Sat 22-Oct-16 18:12:10

I'm feeling very similar. I'm 7 weeks and it feels like a dull ache, almost like when I have a period. I've researched it and it seems there's others who have experienced it too. It feels so strange as I can't work out if it's pregnancy related or general aches and pains.

divadee Sat 22-Oct-16 19:09:00

crayfish I had cervical cancer (luckily for me only carcinoma in situ) nearly 4 years ago and had quite invasive lletz treatments. I had quite a far chunk removed so they were keeping an eye on it under consultant care at the ante natal clinic and having cervical length scans every 3 weeks. I have my last one next week as if she is born now she is obviously premature but 'viable' as over 24 weeks.

I didn't have these pains with my first pregnancy (although that was 19 years ago!) and I know others have had them who haven't got my history.

Some of mine is defo down to constipation as I have had it badly and it's helped with some laxatives prescribed by the GP. Could of died of shame at the triage clinic with all the Drs etc... Doing internals to diagnose I need a poo blush.

Speak to the midwife if you are concerned. Always better to ask, but it would seem they are very common. They are very different to round ligament pain. It's like a very strong period pain but in the cervix not in the womb.

crayfish Sat 22-Oct-16 19:49:57

Ah I see, thanks for explaining.

I am seeing the MW on Monday anyway so will mention this, I do think the scar tissue from my episiotomy is partially to blame as I got pain there even before I was pregnant. I was due to have the episiotomy revised this month (the stitching was a bit of a botch job) but they won't do that now I'm pregnant.

Since having DS I have experienced terrible period cramps in my cervix which I never had before too. I researched that and it seems quite common. All this is probably related somehow but i am an anxious pregnant person anyway and struggle not to worry.

mowglik Sat 22-Oct-16 20:54:23

I have exactly the same thing, it's my second pregnancy and I didn't have this until very late on with my first. This achey pressure feeling down there, started early on this time - around 6/7 weeks. Still get it frequently but no idea why.

TirednessIsComing Sun 23-Oct-16 09:49:22

Me too and worse when constipated and when impacted even more so. See your gp for some laxatives op. Could also be your pelvic floor?

I got bad period ache and cervix ache (felt like something hanging down there and aching) before this pregnancy. I thought it was related to miscarrying my first but the doctor said it's not that uncommon after pregnancy.

crayfish Sun 23-Oct-16 10:57:53

I'm glad (not really but you know what I mean) that other people are having this problem. My pelvic floor is dreadful, which is weird because it was fine before I got pregnant again. I run and had competed in a number of races earlier this year with no bladder issues at all, but now I am rushing to the loo all the time and really struggle to hold it. It worries me that all this is happening so early in pregnancy when I had none of this until very near the end the last time.

NutellaCookie Sun 23-Oct-16 22:18:19

Me! I keep on complaining to DH "my vagina aches". It's particularly bad if I have been on the go all day.

I was really worried until i spoke to my midwife about it. She said its because my muscles are laxer second time around. And baby is probably sitting lower earlier on.

So glad I am not the only one feeling like this. It's a difficult pregnancy ailment to bring up with friends in RL. I tried talking to my sister about it and her advice was to have sex as "it might feel nice" hmm

LittleLionMansMummy Sun 23-Oct-16 23:27:21

I got this too - also second pregnancy. The only way I could explain it to dh was that it felt like 'my vagina is falling'. It was worse after I'd been sitting and stood up. It passed after a few weeks.

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