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Can I take urine from night before to 12 week scan?

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NannyW Sat 22-Oct-16 10:17:02

Really odd question I know but my 12 week scan is this week and is at 9am, things are pretty horrendous at the moment sickness wise and I seem so dehydrated in the mornings that my urine is so dark that i’d be embarrassed to take it in as a sample blush . Can I sort my sample the night before and take it in do you think?

TIA grin

seven201 Sat 22-Oct-16 10:21:58

There's no need to be embarrassed by dark wee! They might have some hydration tips for you. I had lots of wee infections and often took samples that were the colour of tea with no milk in.

WowserBowser Sat 22-Oct-16 10:28:07

No, definitely take your morning one in.

They need a 'true' sample - if it's top dark you need to get it sorted anyway and they will be able to advise you.

originalusernamefail Sat 22-Oct-16 10:30:44

I had hg in both pregnancies and at times my wee was almost black! I was happy to take it in as people suddenly took me seriously and stopped telling me to stop making such a big deal of being 'queasy'. The urine needs to be fresh for the test, don't worry about it.

Trifleorbust Sat 22-Oct-16 11:07:44

I usually take it from the night before because I tend to be in a rush in the morning. When I had suspected protein in my wee they told me to drop it off at the GP and the GP would refrigerate it then it would go to the lab the next day, so it can't be that much of an issue. I just put it in the fridge until morning myself.

NannyW Sat 22-Oct-16 12:18:24

Okay, thanks - it is just so dark blush not black tea dark but still not what i’d describe as normal. But you are all right, I probably need to be honest with them grin

Trifleorbust Sat 22-Oct-16 12:41:37

Given it is not what you would consider your 'normal' wee I would tend to agree - take your morning sample and ask them what the issue might be.

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