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Irritable, sore stomach - advice?

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WinterRose92 Fri 21-Oct-16 17:36:20

Hi, guys, I'm 33+1 and for the past week or so my stomach has been feeling quite irritated and sore, especially as I'm walking or sitting, just been feeling very uncomfortable lately. I know it's going to happen, there's a baby pushing down on everything, and taking up so much room, so it's inevitable, but I'm just having a bit of a whine! Also sometimes get a upset tummy, have suffered with IBS for a few years but before becoming pregnant I hadn't had a flare up for quite a while. It's just embarrassing really as I'm a community care worker so go to clients houses and I have once or twice been caught out and had to use their bathroom, which they were very understanding about but I was mortified! Anyone else been in the same situation?! I'm on maternity in 2 weeks and am counting down the days!
But anyway, I'm rambling! The point of this post was to ask if anyone has any advice on easing the pain, or helping it in any way? Any help at all would be great! Thank you!

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