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Keith Duncan or Nick Wales and C&W

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Barefootcontessa84 Thu 20-Oct-16 08:28:27

Trying here as well as the childbirth thread!

I've been told I will likely need a c-section for various pre-existing conditions. One of these is a complicated blood pressure issue that isn't being helped by pregnancy.

I've found out my insurance will cover a c-section if medically necessary so I thought I'd do a few 'meet and greets' with some consultants to see how these go. Do any of you have experience with either Keith Duncan or Nick Wales? They currently have availability.

I will, of course, follow the medical advice I am given, however I am a bit disappointed at the prospect of a c-section, so wondering whether one was more amenable than the other at discussing all options. Or do private consultants tend to just opt straight for the c-section?

Many thanks

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