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Symptoms stopped?

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Sammy592 Thu 20-Oct-16 06:33:26

Hey Guys congratulations on all becoming mums to be!

This is my first time being pregnant. I'm over the moon and also nervous about everything! I had my 13 week scan this week and thankfully was told all is well. smile

Iv noticed now that my symptoms have almost dissappeared? I'm worried that this could be a bad thing? I know they say it gets better but I'm used to knowing I'm pregnant from how I'm feeling ? Am I over worrying ? confused

Dixiechick17 Thu 20-Oct-16 08:14:38

It's very common for symptoms to stop as you go into the second trimester, the placenta would have taken over by now. I barely had any symptoms at all, try not to worry.

Sammy592 Thu 20-Oct-16 08:37:57

Thank you! That's a relief iv been beside myself wondering if I should call the doctor lol OK I feel abit better now. Iv got to relax or il be a mess the whole time !shock

RasperryInAMelon Thu 20-Oct-16 08:55:54

Sammy I've been the same 8+5 yesterday and had an early scan in the morning.

Was freaking out that all my symptoms had disappeared over the last week or so but all was well and oddly enough, started feeling nauseous this morning...

kikisdelivery Thu 20-Oct-16 09:09:13

Sammy congrats! It's really really common for symptoms to lessen - mine did at about exactly the same week as you, and haven't come back. I'm now 24 weeks and the only things that stayed were an aversion to certain smells (get away from me, stinky scented candles!) and sore nipples. All the sickness/tiredness vanished and initially it completely freaked me out as I felt I was in limbo until the 20 week scan.

I'm now receiving new symptoms, in the form of kicks, swooshes and wriggles, which is quite nice! grin and I'm first time pregnant too, so don't worry - even though I still worry at everything!!

Sammy592 Thu 20-Oct-16 09:42:38

Eek ! I'm glad im not the only one then ! I can't wait to feel little flutters and movement. It's nice to know I'm not the only panicking crazy woman out theregrin

Symptoms must come and go throughout its just hard not being able to see them and know what's going on!

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