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Diabetic, baby over 100th centile at 34 wk scan - so worried

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R0bins Thu 20-Oct-16 05:20:00

type 1 diabetic here, generally well controlled, hba1cs have been consistently around 6 (42 in new system) throughout though it's been really tough recently to stop all the blood sugar swings up and down as I've had massive insulin resistance since 23 weeks.

Baby's been measuring on the big side for weight and abdominal circumference since 28wk growth scan, but now at 34 wks he's gone over the 100th centile and they reckon he's over 7lbs already! Got another scan in 2 weeks and the consultant has told me to dedicate myself to keeping all my blood sugars as low as possible (without going hypo, easier said than done hmm).

I know they're right and of course I will, I'm sure I can do it - but I can't help feeling I've fucked everything up already and he's going to be huge and unhealthy. All the way along the docs have said I was doing really well but now I feel like I should have done so much more! I've struggled with stress and depression this pregnancy - had none of these issues with my first, and she was born a perfect weight.

Not sure what I'm asking really - just feeling sad and worried. Keep clutching at straws thinking maybe they've overestimated his size but they're pretty thorough. Having an ELCS so it's not the birth I'm worried about, just that I've messed everything up before he's even born, poor love.

Cantchooseaname Thu 20-Oct-16 06:24:17

I had GD, and felt exactly the same. I had previously miscarried, and felt awful that I had caused so many problems even before baby was born.
-it's not your fault, you are ill. You can only do your best.
-the sonographer referred to my baby as 'a whopper'- literally off chart. Measured 8lb 13oz at 36 weeks. I was terrified. No discussions of c section etc- just told I had to be induced.
DD born at 38 weeks weighing 7lb 3oz.
I spent last 2 weeks in state of panic and beat myself up terribly.
I think at this point the best thing is to be kind to yourself- take the best care that you can physically and emotionally. You are what your baby needs.

Ripley79 Thu 20-Oct-16 09:58:43

hey, chin up - you are doing your best and being looked after and monitored. Just try to keep positive and yeah, do your best with the levels - 42 is great!
I know T1s who have had their hba1c close to 5 (eeeh!) from conception to birth and still had large babies. Not sure when they start talking about macrosomia but anyway - it can happen regardless of how good a control you keep. It's not always about the sugars.

I'm a t1 (pregnant with 2nd) and once read something about the post meal spikes having an (extra) effect on the baby's size - even if the hba1c is great. Tho that might have had more to do with baby's bg after birth... Sorry - not super helpful that one.

A lot of the macrosomia problems will resolve by themselves in the coming months, if your baby would end up with some. But he will probably just be a big baby! And also, the weight estimates are just estimates...

R0bins Thu 20-Oct-16 21:12:20

Thanks ladies, for the hand hold. Much needed! Sorry for your loss Cantchoose - that must have made things doubly hard for you to deal with.

It's the waiting that's a killer really. I can work on the BGs, and take note of all the scans (and hope that he comes out a bit smaller) but no one, including the docs, can say anything for certain! So i just have to do my best and wait and see - and I'm not patient by nature, I just want to 'fix' it. Just got to keep positive - and take your lovely encouraging comments on board!

Def working on the post meal spikes Ripley - they are linked with larger babies so it's my main focus. The consultant said that even in the remaining two - three weeks I can make a difference. Good to know!

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