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Carnwath08 Wed 19-Oct-16 23:47:38

Hi all, looking for some advice and words of wisdom. I may be pregnant and I'm absolutely thrilled though scared as heck to take a test for some reason however i am going to do one on Saturday. I have been spotting for past 3 days period is now 4 days late usually on time to the 28th day. Spotting is concerning me should I be worried? I'm terrified I'm not pregnant, so emotional, terribly short tempered, feeling sick though not been sick (good at keeping it down lol) some smells making me retch not sleeping well though not exactly tired and got some back pain tonight, hoping it's just gas lol. I'm not sure how I'm ment to be feeling or expecting to feel what's normal what's not. I know your all gonna tell me to get a test n see the gp, what were your first times like. I'm a petrafied type 1 diabetic too.

Please be kind and thanks in advance

Hyland Thu 20-Oct-16 17:52:37

Could be implantation spotting.

Hope you test today and put your mind at rest.

Good Luck

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