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Talk to me about pre-eclampsia

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Birdlet Wed 19-Oct-16 21:28:19

Went for my 25 week midwife appointment today and my midwife picked up that I had some of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia while she was examining me. My urine contained protein, my blood pressure was a little high (although dropped a small amount when tested 10 minutes later), 'morning' sickness has returned (and is worse) after having been fine since 14/15 weeks and I had some visual disturbance after an episode of vomiting this morning.
I've got to get my blood pressure checked again on Friday and then have another midwife appointment next Wednesday to see what's happening so I'm happy I'm being monitored well and if it is pre-eclampsia that it's going to be caught early.
I've not really heard much about it before so have had a read of a couple of websites to get some information but I just wondered if anyone could share their 'real life' experiences of having pre-eclampsia, or of being in my position and then finding out they don't have it after all. The websites can only tell you so much!
Thanks so much x

charliedontsurf Wed 19-Oct-16 21:38:14

I was monitored for it as I developed high blood pressure around the 25 week mark. I was given medication for the blood pressure and then had lots of extra midwife appointments (every day at one point!).

I didn't end up developing pre-eclampsia thankfully. I had ELCS and I was given blood tests right before I went into theatre just to check again there was no pre-eclampsia. BP went back to normal a month or two after birth as well. There was just lots of extra monitoring really so once you're on their radar for it then it'll be hard for them to miss.

Hope you're OK OP cakeflowers

jimijack Wed 19-Oct-16 21:47:25

I had it with both my babyies.
Was closely monitored, delivered via section 2/3 weeks early.
Had very tiny babies, 5lbs each of them because of growth retardation in the now 13 year old 5pounder is now bigger and taller than me and is as healthy as a horse!
I was the size of a house, swollen everything, but soon returned to normal.

Because they know so much about it, because they are so good at managing it and because they pick it up early, it's quite safely taken care of.
Have faith, do what they tell you and you will be grand. smile

Birdlet Wed 19-Oct-16 22:27:15

Thanks for your speedy responses charlie and jim!

It all sounds so scary when you read the information on the websites, it's good to hear real life stories to help put my mind at rest over the next few days!

DH has confined me to the sofa with my duvet, a good film and chocolate cake. He's a good 'un!

Sgoinneal Wed 19-Oct-16 22:32:17

I had it with dc1 and was heavily monitored with dc2.
Luckily I developed it late on in pregnancy and so baby was well over 8lb(!) although a little early. I was induced and ended up having an epidural and forceps but this was all okay - would have been my nightmare imagined scenario but actually it was fine. There were a few health issues with dc but unrelated to the pre-eclampsia.

Just make sure you listen to your body, call them if your symptoms pick up at all. I was whisked in and induced within hours so it really can be sudden.

Pinkkahori Wed 19-Oct-16 22:36:18

I had high blood pressure and protein towards the end of my second pregnancy. I had to see midwife every day for a few days and was then admitted.
I was put on medication and kept in for a couple of days. When bp stabilised I went home but it went up again and i had to be readmitted. It happened like that several times for a couple of weeks until I went into Labour.

My bp didn't come down straight after giving birth and i had to stay on the medication for about 6 weeks.

SarcasmMode Wed 19-Oct-16 22:43:19

I wasn't diagnosed until the very end at 39 weeks but from 33 weeks when i had a bad UTI my BP kept going high then going normal again.

At 28 weeks I vomited and nearly blacked out but not sure if that was related.

Once I was diagnosed it was late on so they induced me but made it worse so needed an EMCS but that went very well indeed and no lasting problems.

My advice is to call up if you get any of those symptoms. If they fob you off and you don't feel right keep pushing.
Mad you are just 25 weeks they will probably put you on Lobetalol(DP?) or something similar with an aim to possibly induce you around the 37 week mark if they think it's going to help.PE only goes once you've given birth.

Sorry that it looks like you have it. Keep safe and best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and your new baby.

EvansAndThePrince Wed 19-Oct-16 22:49:08

I had high BP and protein at 35 weeks, was monitored over the weekend and put on medication for BP, but by Monday night was admitted into hospital and monitored there. They kept putting the medication up and BP kept rising but still wasn't "TOO bad" (diastolic still under 100 despite being 60 at booking hmm). I was told if it spiked suddenly I'd be taken to EMCS/induced depending on severity. As it happened I went into spontaneous labour (early stages) myself at 36+1 (still in hospital) and DD's heart rate was falling when I was having the mild contractions so they induced me. Very quick labour where her heart rate fell with every contraction, they took blood samples from her scalp while she was still inside me and decided I needed to go to EMCS but I started pushing just as the anaesthetist arrived and she was born 15 mins later smile 5lb11, kept in a heated cot but healthy.

Very late onset but got bad quite quickly so you're lucky to have a midwife switched on enough to be looking for these things and already be monitoring you (I had to do all that myself). 26 weeks pregnant with baby 2 now so hoping for the best.

Birdlet Thu 20-Oct-16 07:14:19

Thanks to you all for sharing flowers I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't PE but feel much more prepared having read your stories.

HughLauriesStubble Thu 20-Oct-16 15:18:06

I had it with my first pregnancy,although they didn't officially diagnose it until I was in labour.

I was in and out of hospital from 32 weeks with borderline BP, traces of protein in my urine and headaches. They would keep me in for a few days, then put me on 'day release' but I would end up admitted again as my bp would spike.

In the end, they diagnosed pre eclampsia and induced me at 37 weeks. My BP went dangerously high on labour and I had to have an epidural to bring it down. Babys heart rate was dropping towards the end so needed a vaccuum delivery. Sounds scary (and it was a little traumatising) but thankfully it was all ok in the end.

I have to say, the midwives and doctors were fantastic for monitoring me etc.

choccybiscuit Thu 20-Oct-16 17:16:06

Protein in my urine and and high blood pressure where found at my midwife appointment around 35 weeks. They asked me to go to GPS the next day for a blood pressure check. It was still high so they admitted me that day. I also had previously had headaches and I was so swollen up. In hospital they gave me drugs to bring down my BP and checked my urine and BP wouldn't come down, so after 4 days they decided to induce me at 36+4 and it didn't work so ended up with emcs as she was stressed. She was 5lb 2oz and needed no extra help when she was born. Towers me now!

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