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Dr Shehata anyone on prednisone? Looking for advice and sharing your experience

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Ash77 Wed 19-Oct-16 20:59:54


I have had previously 6 miscarriagesad and pregnant 5+5 days now.

I was seen last year by Dr S and diagnosed as high no cells. However conception itself wasn't right and ended up in MMC but now I m pregnant again very much unplanned .. I started on treatment prednisone from 4weeks.. However Til 4 weeks I had all preg symptoms but now nothing that's after taking prednisone . I do understand that prednisone masks preg symptoms .. But is there any one out there feeling same ?

I have my scan next week and appointment with dr S

Also I m in full time employment .. Will school run - work- house chores add on to miscarriage ?

What sort of routine is advices?

After so many miscarriage I am kinda lost .. Please help any advice welcome ..

I just hope I had all symptom to make me feel preg sad but non currently


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