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Hypothyroid in pregnancy

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jinglebellmel Wed 19-Oct-16 15:50:09

Hello, I started a post on this last week and got some really helpful advise so hoping some of you maybe able to help again.

I've had 2 consecutive miscarriages and had bloods back last week with tsh of 5.74, by this time I was already pregnant again. Long story short, GP didn't want to do anything as close to normal range and after lots of guidance from ladies on here I persuaded her she was was. She prescribed 25mg of levothyroxine, sent me for more bloods and was supposed to call me today.

She never did call me so I chased up the results - the lab refused to do the tsh again as it was done less than 28 days ago, but did tpo which came back as 7u. I thought this was normal, but the note next to it says positive. GP will apparently call me tomorrow but she honestly seems to have no idea what she's doing or be in any hurry to get anything done. Does the low tpo mean thyroid is probably okay after all? I'm on 25g of levothyroxine and I'm really concerned this isn't enough, was hoping to have second lots of results and up meds if neccesary today but now I'm just left hanging. I'm so stressed that things aren't moving quick enough and I'm going to loose this one too.

Any advice?

feesh Wed 19-Oct-16 16:05:18

I very much doubt 25mg is enough - my hypothyroid was diagnosed when I was about TSH 4 and I went up to 100mg to get it down to a point where I felt human again (which is actually below 1). But I'm not in the UK (the uk is a bit backwards when it comes to hypothyroidism if you ask me) and I had a very proactive doctor.

Since I got pregnant they have increased me to 125mg, and they have also screened me for a certain group of anti-thyroid antibodies, which thankfully I didn't have, as apparently they can contribute to miscarriage risk as well.

Anyway your TSH needs to be below 2 to sustain pregnancy (and probably needs to be even lower than that for you to feel good) and I think you need to see a different doctor, urgently. Can you ask to see another one at the same surgery? Or get a referral to the EPU? Or even go to walk-in and hope you get a decent, understanding one who will recognise the urgency of the situation?

jinglebellmel Wed 19-Oct-16 16:09:57

Thanks feesh, it's almost impossible to get an appointment with anyone at the surgery -I'm considering trying to book a private consultation with someone. 25mg sounds far too low from what you are saying.

I probably should have mentioned my t4 was normal at 14.

booox Fri 03-Mar-17 16:05:41

I know this is a zombie thread but just adding for future readers.

NICE guidelines changed to these in April 2016:!scenario:3

Note increase as early as 4-6 weeks, last paragraph if already on thyroxine.

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