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Can you help with dates?

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Difficultyear2015 Wed 19-Oct-16 15:39:29

I have PCOS and dont have natural periods and recently found out I am pregnant and waiting on the midwife referal to come through, but thinking I might possibly be quite far along already as I am already not fitting into my trousers and bras.

The dates I know are as follows:

i came off the pill on 10th July
I had a withdrawal bleed a few days later for 4 days
I had some pink cervical mucus on and off between 13th August and 24th august.
I took HPT on 22nd August which was negative.
I had 1 day of light bleeding on 26th August
I had nothing since then other than some more pink cervial mucus on 2th September.
I took my 2nd HPT on 6th October which was strong positive.

What do you think this makes my dates?
When I gave the above information to my doctor to get referred, he took my 1 day bleed as a period and put me at 7 weeks currently and said that the midwife will be in touch for a booking in appointment at around 10 weeks (another 2 or 3 weeks time). But I am thinking based on my current size that I am further along.

Oopsypoopsy Wed 19-Oct-16 23:10:03

Hi, that's a tricky one as hard to pinpoint ovulation or anything! Assuming the dr is correct, does pcos cause bloating? Could that be why you're expanding so soon? If not then you could argue that the one day bleed was implantation bleeding which would add another Month on. Or that could have just been a bit of spotting. I think only a scan will answer this for you. You could go private or maybe really insist that you think you're further along and want a scan to make sure you don't miss important tests and care etc. Hope you find out soon. And congratulations! x

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