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hunger in first trimester

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krista93 Mon 17-Oct-16 15:49:07

hi guys i need help im 7 weeks pregnant n dont get me wrong im so excited and i dont want to moan but im getting bored of being hungry n having to eat all the time does anyone know how i can curb this hunger? i try to eat filling foods but for example yesturday i ate a lovely full sunday roast,was full (not uncomfortably) but half an hour later im really hungry! i dont want to be an overweight mum to be or mum for that matter. im stressing slightly.

NannyW Mon 17-Oct-16 16:45:35

I’m 10 weeks and feel exactly the same. I just eat little and often as i’ve been pretty sick too and this seems to help to curb the nausea. Things like oatcakes and cheese, rice cakes, crips, apple, grapes, flapjacks, raisins, cereal bars and carrot have been keeping me going. But a whole flap jack can last me 3 hours, i just pick away at it gradually. I’m only having very small meals at meal times too as that is all i can manage but am then hungry again an hour later. Trying to keep drinking water too.

MrsGsnow18 Mon 17-Oct-16 17:51:44

I totally understand! I am feeling the same!
I do think this is normal though for a lot of people and it will pass. I read that our bodies are using up a lot of energy at the moment so don't worry about a few extra snacks just try and keep them healthy instead of high sugar/fat etc.

I'm not sure if mine is genuine hunger or rather just eating helps tummy nausea so I feel the need to constantly nibble.
At first I was able to cope with snacking on fruit/cheese/yoghurt etc.
Now the only foods that don't make me feel sick are bread and plain pancakes! confused not the healthiest options I know but I'm just doing whatever I can to make it through the day at the moment whilst still trying to hide my symptoms from everyone at work!

Spam88 Mon 17-Oct-16 21:51:35

The last few weeks Ive eaten anything that's come within arms reach, but I'm now 8+5 and my appetite has really reduced. So there's hope for you too!

sweetchilli77 Mon 17-Oct-16 22:30:00

Oh god I'm the same, hitting the 12 week mark, its slightly easier now. Gone from 8 packets a crips a day to 4 sad

Id lost quite a bit of weight prior to getting pregnant, i know full well I've put it back on. Im like a bottomless pit

maisybobbins Mon 17-Oct-16 22:37:41

I remember the first sign I had of my second pregnancy was that I couldn't eat a Cornish pasty fast enough. I don't usually eat while walking down the street but had a sudden desperate need for a pasty. It was really hot but I still had to eat it so urgently that I realised I might be pregnant. grin

I'm normally a slim build but with each of my pregnancies I put on three stone. My body just needed me to eat so I went with it. It took 12-18 months each time to lose the weight but I think that's normal.

Enjoy that appetite ladies! Listen to your bodies and if you are hungry then eat, let nature so it's thing.

krista93 Tue 18-Oct-16 15:42:11

Thank you for your replies guys I'm hoping I'm gonna be okay as today I havent been found bad I'm 7wks 5 days and it seems the symptoms may be coming n going so I may get some solice. Got a funny feeling in my tummy tho n look bloated today. blush

krista93 Tue 18-Oct-16 15:43:50

Also iv noticed iv gone from being a sweet tooth to having quite a savory need. Anyone els gone from one end to the other of the scale?

melibu84 Tue 18-Oct-16 15:47:09

Don't worry about being overweight. Throughout the first trimester, I was on 6- 8 meals a day lol. I just made sure they were fairly healthy. My appetite dropped right back to normal in the 2nd trimester, and so i only put on one dress size.

Tumilnaughts Tue 18-Oct-16 15:51:33

I just tried to eat small and often and drink LOTS of water. Didn't help with my frequent toilet breaks but i figured i was gonna have to wee all the time anyway...

Kittenrush Tue 18-Oct-16 15:52:57

One of the docs at work told me that during your 1st trimester you burn more calories just sat on the sofa than you would going for a run, honestly it's crazy. Listen to your body, it knows what you need smile

Choccyhobnob Tue 18-Oct-16 16:02:02

Yes I have such a sweet tooth but from very early on all I wanted was meat meat meat! They say sweet for a girl, savory for a boy and I did have a boy...but could be rubbish!

I was so hungry and tired but not at all sick that I put on most of my 2.5stone in the first 20 weeks and then it tailed off the 2nd half.

DogOnALeash Tue 18-Oct-16 16:16:53

Eating like a bloody horse and finishing my meals which my dustbin of a DH can't even manage!

I've heard that if you eat a lot in the first trimester it slows down in the second and you grow into the weight you've put on. I've also heard it's vice versa - if you can't eat in the first, you eat everything in the second lol
Either way you're going to eat the house dry smile

sianihedgehog Tue 18-Oct-16 16:21:24

I was STARVING in the first trimester. I gained two stone.... And then, I started to find it hard to fit food in, and to get horrendous reflux. I didn't gain any more weight for my whole pregnancy, because I just couldn't eat enough. Was back to previous pregnancy weight really fast after the birth.

Don't worry about it and don't fight it. Your body knows what to do.

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