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Baby could come within a week still no maternity allowance!

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sophieeleanorxx Mon 17-Oct-16 13:22:08

Afternoon! I've been waiting for my maternity allowance to be back paid for weeks on end now. I was on universal credit for a month after leaving my job so they are waiting to hear back from universal credit to find out how much I've had from them. They sent that request of on the 3rd of October I called this morning he said they will chase it up today they have already told me I've been granted £139.58 a week. Anyway I've just got home from the midwife and I'm 2cm dilated and have been having contractions but irregular she thinks he will be here within a week I'm now worrying because if I go into labour all I have is £10 no food in the cupboards for me or anything. I call up everyday for a update and nothing has changed I have been very soft on them! Is it worth ringing again in a few hours and being abit pushy?

Thanks xx

sophieeleanorxx Mon 17-Oct-16 13:38:41

Also I'm 35 weeks so he will be premature! Really don't need this stress X

SpongeCakeBigPants Mon 17-Oct-16 13:48:12

Do you have anyone who could help you out for a few weeks until the money comes in? Partner, babies father, parents?

sophieeleanorxx Mon 17-Oct-16 14:19:30

I can't imagine his dad will be much use as he hasn't spoken to me for months. My mum will help but I don't really like taking money of her as she's retired and doesn't get much. X

Lweji Mon 17-Oct-16 14:21:03

Yes, call them and tell them the baby is coming.

BeccaSays Mon 17-Oct-16 14:23:31

Hi Sophie, I know it's a last resort but how about approaching a food bank for an emergency food parcel? I'm not sure what you need to produce to get a package, but maybe google it. I hope the money comes through for you and best of luck for labour and the arrival of your little one.

sophieeleanorxx Mon 17-Oct-16 15:09:16

Hi becca I'm not sure whether I would get it as I'm not on any benefits? I have Sunday dinner left over which will last another two days as I made a lot and some bread and cereal so hopefully this will keep me fed until I get the payment. I'm more worried about getting to and from the hospital just in case baby is kept in because he will be early. X

sophieeleanorxx Mon 17-Oct-16 15:35:04

All they have done is sent another reminder to universal credit and they have until next week Monday to reply! They told me they would chase it up for me and all they have really done is extended it. So fed up of this X

Lweji Mon 17-Oct-16 15:44:04

Can you phone universal credit directly?

NannyR Mon 17-Oct-16 15:49:40

Some church food banks don't need referrals/proof of income - ours doesn't, we give a bag of food to anyone who feels they are in need of it for whatever reason.

ImperialBlether Mon 17-Oct-16 15:52:21

Could your midwife help hurry things along?

ImperialBlether Mon 17-Oct-16 15:53:05

With the money, I mean, not the baby!

SolomanDaisy Mon 17-Oct-16 15:53:18

If the baby is kept in you should be able to stay in with him for a little while and they will give you meals there, so try not to worry about that. Could you go to CAB and ask them to chase Universal Credit for you?

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Mon 17-Oct-16 16:03:47

Could you ask your midwife or CAB for a food bank voucher? They can be issued because of benefit delays (v common reason)?

sophieeleanorxx Mon 17-Oct-16 16:16:47

I have rang universal credit and there system is down until tomorrow! It's just ridiculous. I'm seeing midwife again on Thursday so will have to ask! my mum will feed me though until then. I still haven't even purchased a pram for him yet because I've been waiting on this back pay luckily I drive so that can wait just wanted to be abit more prepared. I'm debating taking out a payday loan even if it's £50 just want to be able to get a taxi to and from the hospital and buy some food.

AudreyBradshaw Mon 17-Oct-16 16:56:01

I'm so sorry you're in this position! Is it your first baby? If it is and you're in receipt of universal credit, have you applied for the sure start maternity grant? It's £500, takes about 10-14 days to be processed and paid in which I know isn't helpful in the immediate circumstances but might be of use in the coming weeks. If you're seeing the midwife Thursday and can print the form off, she can sign it and you can send it off same day.

Would your bank allow an emergency overdraft? (I'm rubbish at this kind of thing so don't even know if it's available/viable option?)

NameChange30 Mon 17-Oct-16 17:08:19

OP, you really need to talk to Citizens Advice. They can help to chase your Maternity Allowance payment, give you a food voucher, and advice you about other financial help you're entitled to. You should be eligible for a Sure Start Maternity Grant which is £500 towards the costs of having a baby.

After the baby is born, you will be able to apply for Child Benefit and

And don't forget that the father has to pay child maintenance. If he is unlikely to agree to pay, you can contact CMO for their advice and help to set it up.

Are you renting at the moment? Do you live alone or with anyone else? Depending on your circumstances you might be entitled to Housing Benefit as well.

Christmasbaby16 Mon 17-Oct-16 20:34:52

This post won't be popular but why would you leave a job knowing full well you are soonbto have a child to support?!

NameChange30 Mon 17-Oct-16 20:38:49

Christmas hmm
Maybe the OP was dismissed or made redundant.
It's pretty difficult to get Universal Credit as a jobseeker if you've left your job voluntary.

Christmasbaby16 Mon 17-Oct-16 20:43:39

Name change - hence why I asked smile

Buttonmoonb4tea Mon 17-Oct-16 20:47:04

Haven't RTFT but would advise getting you're local MP to contact them. They'll speed things up

sophieeleanorxx Mon 17-Oct-16 20:49:54

I was working full time for the council in legal services but me and my ex split up so I moved back to my hometown and took a job quickly at tesco.
It was too much hard work for me pushing the heavy the trolleys packing people's shopping then bringing it to be loaded onto vans but I stuck it out for three months considering I was in unbearable pain everyday!
I do live with my mum at the moment but we're not getting along so I'm trying to move out on top of all this! X

sophieeleanorxx Mon 17-Oct-16 20:50:51

Thanks button will give it a try if nothing changes tomorrow

NameChange30 Mon 17-Oct-16 20:52:38

Seems like a sensible decision to move closer to home for extra support.

Have you applied for social housing (i.e. council or housing association)? As a single pregnant woman on a low income, you will be reasonably high priority. If you haven't yet applied, you can ask Citizens Advice for help or just contact/visit your local council. There should be info about how to apply on the council website.

NameChange30 Mon 17-Oct-16 20:53:29

FWIW I think Citizens Advice would be a much better bet than the local MP.

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