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Is labour on the way?

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loulily27 Sun 16-Oct-16 23:12:47

Hi ladies,

First baby I was induced at 12 days over which didn't work so at 15 days over had to have a section.

Really want to have a natural birth this time or at least experience labour. Im having symptoms I didn't get last time, are these good signs or wishful thinking?

I am 37 weeks, been having lots of braxton hicks (but did with first!) also diarrhoea for about last week. Main difference this time is sharp shooting pains very low and down into my vagina and occasionally in my back passage. Period type pains, especially in back. Also have breast pain and very heavy breathing constantly x

positivity123 Mon 17-Oct-16 07:57:07

Hi. I'm 40 + 5 and I've been having those for a few weeks and no labour. I think they are 'fanny daggers' and they are the baby pushing on the cervix rather than uterine contractions. Best of luck

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