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Pregnancy anxiety help?

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HandbagCrab Sat 15-Oct-16 18:51:32

Has anyone experienced this and if so did anything help?

I thought I was anxious about specific things but it keeps ramping up, sometimes about trivial things, sometimes things less trivial. I realised it was a bigger problem than I thought yesterday when I thought I'd cracked it with something I was very anxious about in the morning that I got sorted, but by evening it had come back with a vengeance about something else completely unrelated and I couldn't sleep for worrying. It feels very irrational and uncontrollable in comparison to anxiety I usually feel and can usually manage.

I'm having a difficult pregnancy and have been in varying amounts of pain and immobility throughout so I've been signed off work for the majority of the pregnancy. I try to keep occupied and positive but it can be hard to do so around the pain. I had a difficult previous birth and the counsellor I've seen has suggested I have ptsd from that. I've got one more session of counselling but could find another therapist if people find counselling generally helps.

I just want a few weeks off from feeling like I'm catastrophically fucking things up or that I cannot cope with pregnancy and something is going to go terribly wrong.

Thanks so much for any help smile

Mummy2squish Sun 16-Oct-16 08:51:50

Hi, how are you feeling? I suffer from anxiety particularly around health issues mine is often worse in the evening I think I have more time to think about things.

Now I'm sure you've done all these things but things I find help me:

*I've taken up crochet and I find that by doing something like this distracts my mind enough to stop worrying about things.
*I also find that I sit and focus on positives. Anything positive I can find even if it's small and whatever is worrying me I tell myself "it's ok though because (insert positive here)
*I know you've said you are struggling with pain can you do any exercise, a bit of walking can clear my head a lot or going for a drive as I am so distracted.

I hope you find the tools you need to help you with this.

HandbagCrab Mon 17-Oct-16 11:41:24

Thank you mummy for your reply. I'm going to sort out everything I can so I have less to worry about and I'm seeing about having some hypnotherapy. I have pgp so walking is painful rather than medative unfortunately. Driving needs to be for a reason too as it can hurt my hips if I drive for too long.

I think I need to make sleep more comfortable too as I wake up in pain a lot and I think I'm a bit sleep deprived which never helps with anxiety in my experience. smile

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