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Worried baby is coming early

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Andysgirl15 Sat 15-Oct-16 08:05:25

I had a growth scan and consultant appointment yesterday at 30w4d and to me I thought everything was fine until I sat down with the doctor. He's measuring under the 10th centile in weight and in the 5th centile with length. I'm booked in for another scan on Friday and another the following Friday and monitoring every 3 days. I was given a steroid shot for his lungs yesterday and I'm due another today along with monitoring. If he's not shown an improvement in the next couple of weeks they want to induce him.

I thought they were being a little over dramatic as my DD was small and they just left her to go full term so I assumed they would do that this time around but apparently the longer you leave a small baby in the more you are at risk of a still birth. I'm panicking for him and that fact that I'm nowhere near ready for him yet I've still got loads to do and buy.

Anyone else with similar stories I'd love to hear and know what the outcome was.

welshweasel Sat 15-Oct-16 08:15:59

I had very similar. Reduced growth at 29 week growth scan. Had steroids at 31 weeks and monitoring every couple of days. Held on til 35 weeks in the end, when it was decided he would be better off out than in. Chose c section rather than induction (my choice) and everything was fine. DS was on the small side but we were home within 3 days. It's really scary but it's brilliant that the issue has been picked up and you'll be getting well looked after. Having steroids is great, makes such a difference. Don't worry too much about not being prepared. If baby comes in the next couple of weeks they won't be coming straight home so you'll have plenty of time. Perhaps sort a bag for you, with maternity pads etc. Good luck!

Andysgirl15 Sat 15-Oct-16 08:20:43

My bags been packed for a couple of weeks. I've always had a feeling he was going to come early and yesterday has more or less set that feeling in stone for me. I'm just really glad he's perfectly healthy just on the small side. I did have a check on the NHS website and it said if steroid injections are given for small babies then you will deliver before 37 weeks. Guess I should get off my arse finish his room put his wardrobes up get the last of his clothes then start mentally preparing myself.

TallulahTheTiger Sat 15-Oct-16 08:20:43

Thinking of you OP. flowers as pp said, get yours and baby's bag packed and ready so if they do tell you that it's time to go, then you don't have to worry about getting sorted. Again it's good it's been picked up and the hospital has a plan. If you do have any worries just call the midwife unit- ours will answer the phone 24:7. Unmumsnety hugs to you.

Andysgirl15 Sat 15-Oct-16 08:22:50

oh another thing. The doc said if I don't feel any movement for a couple of hours then don't start trying cold drinks, sugary stuff etc take myself straight to hospital. So I take it they are slightly worried about him

PeachBellini123 Sun 16-Oct-16 18:42:14

I think to be fair the general advice is to go straight to triage if there's reduced/no movement.

Lots of luck to you and your little one OP flowers

kittygirl33 Sun 16-Oct-16 19:39:17

Hi OP, I was in a v similar position a couple of weeks ago. Scans between 28w 4d and 30w 4d showed little growth. I had the steroid injections and twice weekly monitoring. However, another growth scan at 32w and 4d showed improved growth though still under the 10th percentile. All our Doppler scans and ctg have come back normal so feeling more confident that I will get a bit further along. I am just thinking ahead to the next scans and no further, but I felt better getting all the baby stuff/work handover organised. Hope you get better growth at your next scan.

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