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Clexane Ladies - Please put my mind at rest

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heartsanddiamonds Thu 13-Oct-16 08:43:37

I've just been put on Clexane injections, because I'm at high risk (over 30 yrs old, BMI over 30, and low antithrombin iii levels).
The Heamotologist was thorough, and answered all my questions.
The thing he did say was "You are my patient and priority, not your pregnancy"
That really upset me, as having had numerous mc's I am desperate for this bean to stick.
When I went to the nurse to be shown how to inject she queried the dosage
40mg twice a day.
But the Dr said it's right, and that what he wants me on.
Of course I googled the heck out of it, and noticed IVF ladies are on 20 or 40 once a day.
Is there anyone here who didn't have a PE or DVT, who was on such a high dose twice a day ?
I'm 4 +3 and in for a scan at 6 to check location of baby, as have had ectopic in the past.

Any advice or support would be a big help for this worried mama to be

Nan0second Thu 13-Oct-16 08:46:47

Clexane is often used to reduce the risk of miscarriage so that needs to reassure you from the start!
With low antithrombin 3, higher doses are used as you are very high risk. The exact dose is based on your weight.
He is doing what we would do in our tertiary specialist centre!

Piehunter Thu 13-Oct-16 08:47:27

The dose is weight based, the twice a day helps to keep it in your system 24 hours a day smile

I'm on fragmin (same family as clexane) permanently, and it should help me maintain a pregnancy (it's used for conditions where repeated miscarriage is a symptom) It's not harmful to baby and doesn't cross the placenta. I'm on the therapeutic dose also, it just means if you were to get a clot the dose would treat it. Rather than the prophylactic dose which would just hope to prevent it.

whinetasting Thu 13-Oct-16 08:48:41

I have a clotting disorder and took high doses of clexane through both successful pregnancies. My disorder has been linked to a higher risk of miscarriage (I had 4) so for me I saw it as helping me stay pregnant.
No issues at all- two healthy, happy children.
I seem to remember reading that it dies my cross the placenta so you're protecting you, not harming the baby

Congratulations on the

Nojo82 Thu 13-Oct-16 08:50:50

I was on it when i was 25 weeks. Was only on it for a week whilst in hospital for a query blood clot. I was on 100mg twice daily. So 40mg doesnt seem like that much to me.

SmokyMountains Thu 13-Oct-16 08:51:29

I had 80mg of clexane a day in my last PG and it was the only one of my 6 that resulted in a happy ending (whose now 2!)

I think the dr was a bit of an idiot to say you are his priority not the baby, as it made it sound as though the dose might be a risk to the baby to save you, but Clexane does not cross the placenta, so prescribing it for you should have no effect on the baby

Good luck and FX for that early scan flowers

Amalfimamma Thu 13-Oct-16 08:55:29

Took clexane with both pregnancies, with dc1 from 30 weeks and with dc2 from 20 weeks, together with a shit load of other medicines.

I also had clexane (same dose) for 2 weeks after EMCS. 40MG twice a day for me too.

MrsChrisPratt Thu 13-Oct-16 08:58:10

I took Clexane after ivf to aid implantation. I was on 40mg a day but only weigh 9 stone and we'll within healthy range. Good luck x

heartsanddiamonds Thu 13-Oct-16 09:57:11

Thank you for answering so quickly - you're amazing !

sycamore54321 Thu 13-Oct-16 11:14:29

Honestly the doctor was horribly insensitive in her choice of words but was right, the Clexane with your condition is first and foremost to prevent you developing a life-threatening clot. PE used to be a leading cause of maternal mortality until these type of preventative protocols were in place. To be blunt, if the risk is to your life, well then of course it must rightly be the top priority especially so early in pregnancy. I also think the nurse was insensitive and should have checked any concerns about dosing directly with the doctor without putting new doubts into your mind.

Having said that all that, the doctor made it sound like it was at the cost of some risk to your baby, which would understandably be hugely worrying to you. As others have said, Clexane in a variety of doses is widely used before, during and after pregnancy at a variety of doses for blood issues arising directly from pregnancy and for other conditions. It does not cross the placenta and it is associated with reduced miscarriage in patients with a history of miscarriage. And the dosage for IVF patients who don't have anything actually 'wrong' with their blood is completely different to what you need.

I know the pain of miscarriage and the awful worry and dread that colours the hope of a new pregnancy. I also know the horrid stress of going from a healthy person to someone who is suddenly injecting themselves daily. For me, it was a huge mental adjustment to realise I had a serious medical condition. I was very lucky in that my hospital had an excellent medical social worker who was supporting me for mg miscarriages and it really helped talk through everything with her. Do you have or could you find anybody to support you if the worry gets to you too much?

heartsanddiamonds Thu 13-Oct-16 11:18:32

Thanks so much ladies.
Just reading that many of you have been on this drug and had healthy pregnancies is so reassuring.

I do think it was insensitive of him saying that, and I mentioned it to his assistant.
So they just called me 15 mins ago, and have said that he has referred me to an Obstetrician early, and that he will work closely with them.
Which makes me feel better.

I am being scanned in 11 fingers crossed everything is okay.

I read that the placenta doesn't form until week 4, so am feeling glad now that I am on ant clotting meds already.

heartsanddiamonds Thu 13-Oct-16 11:23:43


Thank you for your lovely message, and understanding.
It's amazing that you have such a good medical team.
I don't really have anyone to talk to about this, so mums net was my first port of call.
My friends, family and husband always get their hopes up at a BFP, only for them to be shattered before week 8.
It's nice to have friends to cry with, but I also feel tremendous guilt at putting them through emotional trauma.
So I don't want to tell anyone apart from DH until I get to see that heartbeat and know that everything is okay.
He is being as always incredibly supportive, but of course he doesn't really know what it's like from a womans perspective.

Clankboing Thu 13-Oct-16 11:23:50

My lovely boy who is now 14 was in my womb when I had clexane throughout most of my pregnancy. I can now not remember anything about doses I am afraid. I am sure that everything will go well for you. Xx

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