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whats on your crazy nesting things to do list?

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silverfishlondon Wed 12-Oct-16 20:42:20

I cant be the only one.
First baby i had finished work early and had weeks to do everything i could possibly want to before dedicating myself to breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. This time i have a toddler to care for but still have a few days for myself while shes in childcare. Im split between wanting that warm fuzzy feeling of sorting the baby clothes (again) and having the house in perfect order ready for a new baby, and realising i should just sleep while i can!

I realised i was crazy when re-read my list and it includes:
Paint the inside of wadrobes ( lived in the house 5 years unpainted)
Get a new matress for the spare room
Sort out my v old cd collection (unused)
Colour coordinate the flowerpots- why would new baby care!!

GrumpyMoo Wed 12-Oct-16 20:49:44

These all sound perfectly reasonable to me... I've just sorted out a show cupboard... 33+3.... it's next week I'm worried about! I'll be ordering the pasta packets by height and colour order... cake xx

Squtternutbosch Wed 12-Oct-16 21:58:56

I'm a woman obsessed with skirting boards. It's taking me a couple of days to get round them as I have quite a big apartment and am far too pregnant to do very much in one go- by the time I've finished I keep deciding that the ones I did first are dirty again and should probably be redone grin

Celticlassie Wed 12-Oct-16 22:02:35

Get a cleaner. grin

silverfishlondon Wed 12-Oct-16 22:15:43

smile i will be getting a cleaner once i have 2 under 2, im not usually particularly house proud.
Last pregnancy i put 7 years worth of photos in chronological order and labled. And painted 2 rooms at full term.

hunnybunny619 Wed 12-Oct-16 22:55:17

I'm planning to basically empty/sort/rearrange every cupboard and draw in the house, clean all the doors and doorways, steam the mattresses, wash windows.... List goes on. I know I'm nuts but I know it's gonna feel so gooooood to get it done! Ha ha!

Saku Wed 12-Oct-16 23:42:41

my lists are

get fridge cleaned
all wardrobe cleaning and rearrangment
cupboard clean and rearranged
hob hood to be cleaned
shower house to be changed
kitchen floor to be scrubbed by hand
wash all rugs, throws and bathroom mats .. phew........
still long list remaining..

I am 28w

frikadela01 Wed 12-Oct-16 23:46:38

My list was as follows:

Get blankets and cushions
Make large cup of tea and packet of biscuits
Load Netflix on the TV
Create nest on sofa
Remain in nest for several weeks until baby decides to show up

First time I've ever managed to complete everything on a to do list gringringrin

H0p3 Thu 13-Oct-16 05:22:43

Thanks Frikadela! I was just feeling bad as I'm fairly sure my windows could do with a clean and my mattress needs a could steaming, but I was mostly planning on lying down, reading and eating as much cake as I can fit into my ever decreasing stomach. Glad I'm not the only one!

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