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25wks and already not sleeping

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elmo1980 Wed 12-Oct-16 15:15:54

I'm 25wks (tomorrow to be precise) and for the last 2 weeks I have been dozing through the night at best. I get to sleep minutes after my head touches the pillow but then I wake up pretty much every hour and remain awake for another 30 mins or so before drifting off for a few minutes then it starts again.

I know it's normal to have disturbed sleep later on in pregnancy but didn't think I would be having this now. I'm exhausted! I drive an hour each way into work so by the time I'm at my desk I already feel like a zombie.

Not sure I'm doing anything other than whingeing about it but it would be nice to hear of others who have had this, and that sleep has either improved or you just get used to functioning better on little sleep. At the moment I can't see me lasting the working day in a few weeks time if it carries on! zzz

carrotcakecupcake Wed 12-Oct-16 15:20:25

Whinge away! I'm PG with DC2 at the moment and have been suffering with insomnia from nearly day one (currently 18wks). I'm up for a minimum of an hour, usually 2, a night and feel like a zombie most days - I've scared myself a couple of times driving home from work.
I find I sleep a lot better after doing exercise - so on days that I swim or have yoga my sleep usually improves, and I definitely feel more alert the next day. During first PG I had terrible cramping in my legs at nighttime which would wake me hourly - a visit to a physio and some exercises really helped.

smellsofelderberries Thu 13-Oct-16 01:39:46

I was really struggling to sleep between weeks 20 and 27-ish, then it got easier again. 35 weeks now and it's starting to get tough again, mostly because my hips pain quite badly. Fingers crossed you get lucky like I did and have an easy sleep patch coming your way!

Heirhelp Thu 13-Oct-16 01:54:30

I found doing hypnonatal therapy helpful and then I listened to the 15 section when I woke up.

RattieOfCatan Thu 13-Oct-16 03:04:13

I fully sympathise! My insomnia started at the beginning of August, when I was about 26/27 weeks. I'm 37 weeks now and (unfortunately obviously!) still have it! Naps are your friend when you can have them, even half an hour after work despite the whole "don't nap after 2pm" thing. I was lucky in that we got rid of a car so DH was having to take me to and from work which helped massively, I worked 10+hr days. And I had holiday booked which allowed me to catch up enough to cope with my last few weeks too.
Hypnotherapy does help me to an extent but more in that it helps me get some quality downtime, it only puts me to sleep if I'm already tired. But I try to listen to my mp3 in the early hours and it has helped massively, wish I had it before!

Eating something helps as well, a cereal bar or oat biscuits.

elmo1980 Thu 13-Oct-16 14:10:53

Thanks all, good to know there may be a chance it will get better for a few weeks at least. I'm struggling with hip pain too which doesn't help so I have the ipad going (with headphones so I don't disturb DP) with some trashy crime series on Netflix all night. Actually, that probably doesn't help either!

Will look into hypnonatal therapy as not come across that before, and maybe allow myself a snack as I do get hungry in the night but have so far resisted as worried about weight.

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