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Some advice or opinions pleasssee....

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louiseplusditi Wed 12-Oct-16 12:31:59


I am currently 23 weeks plus 2 days, its my first baby and I have so many questions each day, I dont want to bombard my mum with them and make her think I will really struggle. Id like to have some kind of knowledge instead of asking her everything, so here goes:

1 - What washing powder/fabric conditioner do you use for your baby? I hear a lot of people saying about Fairy sensitive?

2 - I am on a low budget and after some cheap/tasty or easy meals to cook as we eat the same thing and I get put off foods VERY uickly since being pregnant! So any ideas would be fantastic!

3 - I know Im thinking ahead of myself but I was just curious as to what people think on teaching a new language to your child - I am english and my partner is from another country, obviously we want our child to learn both languages so he/she has more than one language and can have full conversations with my partners side of the family. I think we would teach our child English first but do you teach them simple words like mum or dad to begin with? What kind of age do you try and get them learning words/sentances etc?

4 - I have been looking for prams but most pram centres near me arent that great! I have seen one I really like called "Sola2 6 piece bundle" It come with pushchair, carrycot, car seat, isofix base and adaptors" Its a style that I like but the shops by me dont have them in stock and usually come to order - Anybody got any views on this pram?

5 - Whilst on the subject of prams - I recently saw that its not okay to keep your baby in a carseat for very long, we live pretty far from my partners work and he doesnt drive at the moment so id be taking him too and from work .... so obviously the baby will get in the car seat then but are they okay to be in the car seat while food shopping? Id never keep them in a car seat while i spend the day shopping (Clothes etc) or when out for the day.

There were more things but ive forgotten now haha!

Thanks for any help eople can give me xx

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