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Tea & sympathy

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swaddleaholic Wed 12-Oct-16 12:13:36

I know that I am lucky to be pregnant and I'm very grateful for it, but I'm really suffering and just looking for support/ seeing if anyone else is there? I'm 14 weeks and in agony with a uti. Had it on off for the last 4 weeks with temperature and pain, a chest infection and a charming vomiting bug on the weekend. I've also got my 3 boys to look after 6,5 and 2. Very anxious about how I will manage for the next 6 months and equally anxious whether all will be ok! Thanks for reading x

positivity123 Wed 12-Oct-16 12:16:51

Here's some sympathy. Sounds awful!
I'm due to today and got an ear infection and feel awful. Just hoping I get it out the way before it arrives. I keep telling myself I'd rather be ill when pregnant than with a newborn!

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