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Baby turned to breech at 41 weeks - what now?

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cowbag1 Mon 10-Oct-16 20:39:36

I saw my mw today at 40 + 6 with the intention of having a sweep but after both her and a student had a feel (and seeing where the heartbeat was strongest), they're quite sure the baby has become breech. He has been head down at all my previous appointments.

They've booked me for a scan tomorrow and to talk through my options. Will they offer me an ECV at this late stage? I'm not too keen on having one as it's so late now it feels like delaying the inevitable cs if the baby turns back to breech (and the associated risks don't seem worth it to me). Is there any point in me trying to turn the baby now with the excercises you can find on the internet? Even if the baby does flip back, the chances of me going into labour naturally are surely getting slimmer by the minute so induction is looking likely (which I wanted to avoid if possible).

From the kicks I've been getting I think the baby is a footling breech so I'm scared shitless of going into labour naturally now! (no more bloody birthing ball though, thank goodness!)

I'm quite upset and wonder if I've caused this myself by not being active enough or not sitting in the right positions? I've had a bad cough/cold all weekend and have spent a lot of time in bed trying to recover and conserve my energy in case I went in to labour.

I'm anxious about having a cs; I was induced last time with dc1 and was looking forward to a straightforward vaginal delivery, using the birthing pool etc. And I'm worried about how I'm going to cope with a 22mo whilst I'm trying to recover, and how he will feel being away from me for so long. We can't afford for DH to take 2 weeks full paternity but we do have lots of family help.

This has all really thrown me and I feel quite confused so sorry for the rambling post. Has anyone experienced this before or have any words of wisdom?

pinkpantsrock Mon 10-Oct-16 20:50:12

I was confirmed breach at 37wks, failed ecv at 38wks and cs at 39wks. Wish I never had the ecv, more painful than labour!

The cs wasn't that bad, i was really worried about recovery and looking after ds (age3) as well as newborn but was fine, my dh runs his own business so didn't take any leave and i was pretty much on my own after 2 days.

get some c section pants, there not cheap £29 from john lewes but best thing ever! make your tummy feel really supported.

I think recovery is different for everyone, i went in with my normal postive 'won't let this stop me' attitude and was hoovering within 4/5 days and driving after week. I live in the sticks and insurance company said that as long as dr not said i can't drive i'm still
covered, i checked i could do emergency stop first through.

cowbag1 Mon 10-Oct-16 21:09:23

Thanks pinkpantsrock , that's really reassuring. I'm hoping to get back to normal as quickly as possible and I hopefully won't be in for too long if I do need a cs.

pinkpantsrock Mon 10-Oct-16 21:31:06

the hospital i went too want you walking unaided and back at home asap. I had cs at 11am, was on the ward by about 4pm, i started walking unaided about 2am (needed a wee) and was begging to sent home by around 9am, the ward was full up and mix of interesting ladies who all gave me a head ache! they let me go around 2:30, after drs rounds.

i was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. don't listen to horror stories, be positive and everything will be fine

Oh, they make you go for extra baby check ups afterwards to check on their hips, think we had 3 extra checks after the birth, all fine.

Newlywed56 Mon 10-Oct-16 21:35:48

I'd go for the Cs ... natural delivery isn't exactly a walk in the park either! so no guarantee you would be any more fit with a specific option flowers

oldlaundbooth Mon 10-Oct-16 21:47:50

I was 41 weeks, went into labour, got to hospital, was 5 cms dilated.

Docs were humming and harring but after several cervical examinations and an ultrasound they discovered DS was breech. No idea up until then.

They said I could try vaginally confused or have a CS.

Had a CS, went well, recovery was great.

You'll be fine, OP.

oldlaundbooth Mon 10-Oct-16 21:51:04

P. S. Was only in two nights, walked the first day, was pretty much back to normal within three weeks. Just don't lift anything really heavy and put a pillow on your tummy when you get off the sofa /out of bed.

and take your medication properly, mine was written in French so I accidentally took too many pills at once but that's another story

cowbag1 Mon 10-Oct-16 22:58:02

Thanks for all your positive stories. I'm trying to look on the bright side; how likely will I be to get a side room do you think, as the stay on the post natal ward was the worst part of my last birth! It will be nice to have a period of forced rest and bonding too in a way, rather than going home after potentially a few hours and having to get on with things.

smellsofelderberries Tue 11-Oct-16 08:02:14

Also, you say your husband can only take 2 weeks paternity leave but could he extend that with carers leave? A girlfriend of mine, her husband didn't get any paid time off but she ended up having a c-section as baby stopped growing, so he was able to take paid carers leave instead!

Swirlysunshine Tue 11-Oct-16 08:11:59

I was in a similar situation....totally desperate for the baby to turn and got to the "I'll try anything" stage. I got accupuncture, wasn't as expected as it was to do with holding a lot cigar type thing nearl my little toe for as long as I could stand again and again for maybe 10 mins a and behold on about day 3 the baby turned. The acupunturist did the first session, showed me how to do it myself so I only paid for one session. According to her she has a high success rate, I am now a convert. Unbelievable the baby was wedged breech for weeks prior.

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