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Over active thyroid detected in third trimester

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Baz13 Mon 10-Oct-16 17:02:32

I went to DAU when I was 34 weeks as I was feeling reduced movements- I have an anterior placenta and find it hard sometimes to feel baby's movements, whilst on the trace my HR was 126 and would steady to 112 - this I have been told by the midwifes and my sister who is a nurse on a cardiac ward is too high (even for a pregnant woman) - and my SATS were low at 93% so the midwife spoke to a doctor and I had an ECG done and different bloods taken which revealed I had an overactive thyroid (but just on the cusp) which could explain my fast heart rate, palpitations and shortness of breath- I was told to have a repeat test 3 weeks later to determine the results.

Since the first test I have had an echo-cardiogram (not seen the consultant yet to discuss the results and am awaiting a 24 hour trace) - had the test re-done and was told my results were low and that I have an overactive thyroid and to see my GP as it's not a maternity issue. I cannot get an appointment at my GP surgery for several days -

Does anyone have any experience with this in pregnancy and after? Very curious and hope my baby is ok.

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