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prenatal depreasion or just fed up with toddler?

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silverfishlondon Mon 10-Oct-16 12:02:03

I am 7 month months pregnant with a 20month old. She tantrums at the usual ( taking coat off, closing the door, having to wear nappy, going in the buggy..) and also bites other kids, often without warning. She also plays very nicely alone some of the time and is a joy when my husbands home to help us! I have good days and bad days. Been working all weekend and feeling pretty good, then left with her for a day and again i have to rush out of a playgroup to burst into tears privately outside and rush home. Im in tears most days and feel completely hopeless and not like i can face fighting her.
When is this a normal way to feel when coping with toddler/ pregnancy and when should i ask for help?

WhatWillGeorgeDo Mon 10-Oct-16 12:23:16

Hi, no expert but in a similar situation as am pregnant and with an almost 2 year old, who definitely has her moments! I've noticed in recent weeks that as I'm starting to slow down and get more tired more easily that I'm finding it harder to cope, and less easy to get to her in time to redirect her from something that will cause her to have a tantrum. The physical stuff is harder as well when she won't get in her pushchair (tears from both of us the other day, only 5 mins from home, but supermarket delivery due and she just wouldn't walk or go in the buggy and I couldn't carry her as I would normally have done) or go up the stairs of her own accord! So I think some of what you're feeling is very much the same as me (tired and I know I'm hormonal so reacting more) but I do also think that to be feeling that way constantly must be really getting you down and it's well worth talking to someone about how you're feeling - midwife or GP maybe? Also, can you sort anything so that you do have some time off even for just a few hours? I know I'm lucky but I've been able to work from home 1 day a week whilst DD is in nursery and just not having to do the commute and get a nap for 40 mins at lunchtime is a lifesaver. Appreciate that may not be possible but even a little break helps. Hope you're feeling a bit better soon.

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