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I hab dot a dold.... What the hell can I take?!

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wineapotamus Sun 09-Oct-16 15:27:29

That's it really. I am feeling like shit but can't take any of my usual remedies of lemsip, hot toddy, ibuprofen. I feel like cement's been poured in my head and my face is permanently leaking. Help! What can I take? Apart from to my bed....

PinPon Sun 09-Oct-16 15:28:57

Honey and lemon in hot water. Doesn't do much but tastes nice!

soundsystem Sun 09-Oct-16 15:33:03

You have my sympathy. I got one of those Facebook "memories" popping up this morning that was a picture of a bottle of whiskey, honey, lemons and Beechams all in one grin I obviously get a cold at the same time every year.

This time I'm using:

Snuffle babe
A nasal spray thing that's basically just saline soluion
Boots blackcurrant cough linctus
Lots of chocolate digestives, dunked in tea (alternating between regular and decaf)
Hot Ribena

FabFiveFreddie Sun 09-Oct-16 15:35:35

Lemsip (paracetamol) is fine in pregnancy. Why won't you use it?

MoonlightMojitos Sun 09-Oct-16 15:35:44

Ooh I just wanted to say I feel your pain! I posted this same thing 2 weeks ago and it was hell 😂 sorry! Apparently pregnancy lowers your immune system which is what makes it worse and more easily caught! I got by with lemon and honey in hot water, a few days off work in a nest on the sofa with netflix and generally being very lazy. Oh and you can take paracetemol for any aches. Good luck!

Lovelongweekends Sun 09-Oct-16 15:36:21

Saline nasal spray
Hot black currant or hot lemon

That's about it really!

MoonlightMojitos Sun 09-Oct-16 15:36:48

fabfive the paracetamol in lemsip is fine but the decongestant in it isn't

wineapotamus Sun 09-Oct-16 19:12:25

Thank you all. Yes I thought I had to avoid lemsip. Hot Ribena is a good shout. Atm I'm self medicating with lemon and honey drinks, balsam tissues and sausages and mash for tea

charlybs Sun 09-Oct-16 20:49:30

Haha OP I also have a cold and the title of the post made me chuckle! Cheers and good luck *clinks mug of honey and lemon brew

catx1606 Sun 09-Oct-16 20:55:45

I've just got over a cold and I found that fresh ginger infused in hot water with a spoonful of honey really helped.

Cakescakescakes Sun 09-Oct-16 20:58:33

Paracetamol is totally fine. Also Vicks nasal inhaler sticks for decongesting are totally fine - but NOT the olbas nasal sticks as they have different essential oils etc.

Buffythebabywearer Sun 09-Oct-16 21:01:53

I was told olbas oil fine (by an impatient / frustrated sounding midwife).

milkshakeandmonstermunch Sun 09-Oct-16 21:10:27

I feel your pain OP! I've been ill for weeks on end. I now hate hot lemon and honey. It did naff all for me. A hot (but not too hot - heaven forbid we enjoy anything at all) bath with a hot flannel to the face helps. Sparkling water too as the fizz seems to clear my throat slightly.

FabFiveFreddie Sun 09-Oct-16 21:21:46

Oh dear! Well, that's my 2 DC done for then! I practically lived on the stuff during both winter pregnancies.

champagneplanet Sun 09-Oct-16 21:31:48

OP you have my sympathy! I had it three weeks ago (pre BFP), then DH got it and I've caught it again (post BFP). Nothing I try is even coming close to touching it, and add that to the early bloating and extreme tiredness I feel dreadful!! Will be trying out these recommendations!

ConvincingLiar Sun 09-Oct-16 21:46:44 These are nice for a sore throat. I bought some in waitrose last week.

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