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Large budget - which travel system?

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ps2304 Sun 09-Oct-16 10:30:43

We are very lucky and my parents have said they will buy the travel system for us, they have said unto 2k

What would you get? We have been looking at bugaboo buffalo classic and joolz geo mono. We live in the county so would like all terrain wheels, and a classic navy colour or something like that.

First time parents to be and clueless!!


ImYourMama Sun 09-Oct-16 10:47:20

iCandy peach 3 is fabulous - pricey but folds up small, has good space for shopping, easy to use and looks really naice

smellsofelderberries Sun 09-Oct-16 11:57:41

Is this your first? I only ask because we decided to buy a Bugaboo Donkey as we are planning to have a few babies so figured we may as well buy the single that converts to a double now. I don't quite understand why people buy the Buffalo TBH!

AveEldon Sun 09-Oct-16 12:02:43

Mountain buggy

Byefelisha Sun 09-Oct-16 12:03:42

Bugaboo all the way I love them.

Cinnamonamy Sun 09-Oct-16 12:07:17

Icandy peach, 2016 edition in navy and brown. Dh fell in love with it straight away and it really grew on me. Its lovely to push, it collapses and folds in half again which is really small, carrycot and pushchair comes to around a thousand. There is no 'matching' car seat which is annoying but you can get adapters so another car seat can go onto pram.

McBaby Sun 09-Oct-16 12:53:45

I candy peach. Ours is over 4 years old and still going strong. Been through 2 Dc and used as a double for a while. Dc3 is due next summer so hopefully we will get another few years out of it.

CatsCantFlyFast Sun 09-Oct-16 12:54:46

Another vote for the peach

Artandco Sun 09-Oct-16 12:59:54

The bugaboo buffalo wheels are not that all terrain and no suspension. So if used on more than flat grass it's probably not what your looking for. It's also very heavy for a pram.

Mountain buggy

Or I suggest getting the bugaboo bee for town use, then getting the new bugaboo runner frame and wheels for the off-road use. Can then add the bugaboo seat to the runner frame. Would be around £1000 for both. That way you get a compact parent facing pram for easy use in town and shops and travel on planes/ trains/ car. Plus the all terrain runner wheels for actual woods and hill walking

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