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Washing Baby Clothes

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ProseccoKiss Sun 09-Oct-16 09:47:58

Hi all,

I wasn't planning on doing this until I was further along but my MiL has bought our baby loads of clothes and although they've been stored in zip bags and in a cupboard, I can still smell like a stale smoke smell on them as they smoke in their home. I don't want to seem ungrateful at all but I need them all washed before they are put with the other item's we've bought.
Anyway, I'm 28 weeks - is it too early to wash all my clothes for my baby?
Thanks all xx

shitwithsugaron Sun 09-Oct-16 09:54:11

No it's not too early imo, I washed absolutely everything I bought (even scratch mitts!) and was gifted to us. This is mostly because I work in clothing retail and the smell of the clothes when they come in on delivery is awful, so I dread to think what they treat them with etc. And newborn skin is so so delicate.

I think I started washing around 28-30 weeks as we still had the good weather (November baby) and I wanted to also get baby's room sorted and settled. And also by I'd say 32-35 weeks you'll need your clean clothes for your hospital bag.

Good luck smile

MinnowAndTheBear Sun 09-Oct-16 09:55:58

No not too early - I would want to be hanging those clothes outside to dry, to try and rid them of the smell.

USbound Sun 09-Oct-16 09:57:03

Wash them now, although not sure from your OP if you're expecting good her to take the clothes back and wash them herself? That would be cheeky and they would have been dried at thei house so still comeback smelling anyway. I would always wash everything new, especially for babies and also for adults

ProseccoKiss Sun 09-Oct-16 10:03:13

Thanks all!
I want to wash them all myself - I'm ready to get down Tesco now to get some sensitive skin washing stuff!!
Thanks for all the replies - getting it all done today whilst we still have some nice weather! xx

Marshpillow Sun 09-Oct-16 14:45:30

I'd say definitely wash them now, as if they're really smelly you might want to wash them twice!

crocodarl Mon 10-Oct-16 16:18:17

I'm 37 weeks and I've just done mine. And ironed them. 5 hours of ironing! Felt insane while I was doing it, but at least you know for sure they're definitely completed clean/sterilised. If you're going to iron I would definitely recommend starting now so you don't have to do it all at once -like a plonker-. Would have done them sooner but have 2 older DCs and was very busy with work til now so only just got round to it.

paddypants13 Mon 10-Oct-16 16:31:19

No, not too early to start. You can then sort them in to size and nice neat piles and spend some time gazing adoringly at them.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy op! flowers

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