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Implantation bleeding - how long did it last?

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boopdoop Sun 09-Oct-16 09:09:36

I am desperately hoping I'm pregnant and that the slight spotting I'm having is just implantation bleeding. I had an early mc a few weeks ago, and we're ttc again straight away, ovulated 10 days ago but now having a bit of spotting for the last 2 days. Dates wise it's quite likely to be implantation bleeding as that seems to be right, and it's nothing at all like a period, but it has happened on fri and sat and now it's sun and there is still light spotting (started pink now more brown). Just wondered if that sounds normal.

So so so can't wait to do a test and find out, I hate this 2 week wait!

MissClarke86 Sun 09-Oct-16 18:24:23

Mine lasted about 4 days and was like a very light period.

crayfish Sun 09-Oct-16 18:37:55

First time, one day but it was bright red blood and then vanished. It was at exactly 10dpo.

Second time about three days on and off, think that was also about 10dpo but I have a short luteal phase so both times I assumed it was my period.

growcookeat Sun 09-Oct-16 20:01:27

Mine was 4 days. Heavier than id imagined it would be - I mistook it for a real period and only found out I was pg later on! It was 9 dpo. Fx for you.

boopdoop Mon 10-Oct-16 00:12:08

Thanks. It's pretty much stopped now, and was just a little brown spotting today so def not a period. Here's hoping!

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